ICC’s chief executive Haroon Lorgat’s statement that “the minnows will not be included in 2015 world cup and this decision is irreversible as it serves no purpose for these weaker teams to get hammered by bigger teams in such a big, high profile tournament”.

For those of us who are word illiterate, let’s check out what exactly minnows mean. It’s a noun especially referring to two or more kinds or species. Let’s make it clearer for dim-witted ones. It basically refers to a person or a thing that is comparatively small or insignificant. This word was in cognate with Old High German munewa, kind of fish giving an alternate meaning to minnows – any of various unrelated, small fishes.

Now when we look at this meaning one is forced to wonder, was ICC treating the associate member countries which include Kenya, Canada, Ireland and Netherlands as expendable and can be kept on a whim or remove when they deemed  unfit. If these teams are ready to give their best and in the process they may win or lose, then ICC shouldn’t take that chance away from them by deciding to drop them?

 And what could be the best answer for this and to have ICC tops’ eat their words is the stunning win of Ireland over England, one of the champion teams and a well-formed team.  Irish player Kevin O’Brien became the hero of the day by creating record of 113 off just 63 balls and propelled a chance for Ireland to establish them a force to reckon with.

Hopefully ICC with recant their statement and take the game in sportsmanship spirit rather than measure teams as either minnows or crowd gatherers.

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