Luck of Irish

As I was watching the match between Ireland and India, “Luck of Irish” popped into my head. Listening to phrase one would think Irish have the luck in all things they do, but not many people know that this idiom has many meanings associated with it and used in many historical references to Irish men.  Few believe when the west was booming in USA many Irish had come here to try their luck along with many others. Quite high number Irish men got lucky and found their pot of gold and the phrase came into existence. There is also a fable associated with it including the leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of rainbow. In one other reference it is considered as an ironic statement, equal to “Bad Luck”.

Whatever may be the existence of this idiom, but yesterday many Irish country men would have hoped it would help the team Ireland on the field against India. There win against England had India reconsider their batting order and work on a strategy to maintain their stand. The Irish players gave their best and scored good 207 and good bowling had first four Indian wickets falling in very short period.

The performance of the Ireland players is commendable and worth of everyone’s appreciation even if they couldn’t win against India yesterday. They showed exemplary sportsmanship and it should be taken as inspiration by one and all to better themselves and come back on the field….

Ireland – Even though their luck didn’t work in their favor now, but hopefully it will bring them back in next World Cup.

India – I am rooting to see them in finals on the home turf and win that cup. It’s time that the history repeats itself, right here in homeland. Let’s borrow some of the Irish luck and find the world cup at the end of world cup rainbow 2011.

Find the leprechaun with the cup  ^_^  soon !!!!!

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