Does our Earth have an expiration date?

Yes, it definitely does. We don’t need any geologist to tell us why or how, but when we look at all the natural and manmade disasters happening around us it is very clear.

The nature’s fury on Japan is seen by one and all and this tragic event has brought an entire nation to halt. Even though this tsunami was the biggest in proportion compared to the one experienced in 2005 but both have left lot of devastation in their wake taking uncountable number of lives, uprooting many and stranding them alone and uncertain.

But is it all nature’s fault?

Certainly not. Man has taken this planet for granted and dumped it with so many toxins in its system and naturally it needs to find ways to expel them.

Every natural phenomenon has a very well understood and scientific reasons established from twister, floods, tsunami, hailstorm, earthquake etc.. No matter how well we understand these phenomena, have we understood the true nature of this planet?

Let’s look at simple example of elasticity of rubber band [I know kids’ physics, but everything in life has humble beginning]. When stretched to its tensile strength, you don’t see any effect, but go beyond that then you see difference in the actual band and the stretched one and there comes a point where it breaks if stretched further. Same thing is happening to our world, it is reaching its tensile strength limit and if we stretch it any further by our foolish ambitions then the day of doom is not far away as predicted by Nostradamus.

Now how far his predictions are true or how much to believe I am not sure, but one thing is for sure if we don’t stop and take notice what we have done to our world then it will for sure wipe us out.

Let’s save this planet, save the beautiful lands, wonderful and amazing creatures and most importantly save ourselves so that we can enjoy this planet’s bounty.

Save Earth, Save Us!!!!

 P.S: May God bless Japan and all those affected by this devastating earthquake and tsunami…a moment of silence in the honor of all the lives lost.

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