One Step Closer To The Big Cup

The cacophony of bike horns, and crackers revealed the magnanimous win of India over Pakistan in the semi finals of World Cup 2011 pitting India against Sri Lanka in the finals. The sky lit up with bright lights and streets were filled with bikers driving along shouting joyously waving India’s flag. All Indians including youth, elders and children came on to the street at late night to show their excitement and dance to the win.

As the players entered the field in Mohali yesterday, my eyes started seeing not the players in green and blue uniforms but I rather saw the Spartans coming into the arena to wage a battle against each other with the rulers sitting on the top level of the arena and the citizens roaring with encouragement.

Just imagine all the players dressed in the wraps and lets add tunics too (just keep this modest) along with a cape, a medallion representing each country and a cricket bat instead of a blade. Now Sehwag and Sachin would be the smallest warriors we might have ever seen but as they say big things come in smaller packages :D. 

The match in itself did not play out be as was expected on both sides but that is the beauty of the game or rather should we say the unpredictable game. The pitch being a batting pitch, India could have scored better runs taking up the batting after winning the toss but the unexpected fall of Sehwag followed by other players including Gambhir , Kholi, Dhoni etc brought the score of 260 not a big one against Pakistan. Sachin managed to stick around but didn’t contribute to the score as was expected or his attempt to complete his 100th 100 runs even though luck had been on his side with at least three easy drops by the Pakistani players led him to his stint of 85 runs.

There was a time in the middle of the match when all hope was lost of winning the semifinals, but the magnificent fielding managed to bring the well needed win to India.  

For the first time in World cup history two Asian countries will be fighting for the cup in the finals. We are just one step away from bringing home the cup after 28 years ago when India bet England under Captain Kapil Dev. The big question on every ones’ mind is, will Captain M S Dhoni be able to repeat the history?

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