We Are The Champions

“We are the Champions” and a fine one at that. This was not achieved by easy or shortest path. We had to wait for 28 years to raise the second ICC World Cup title. But the wait was worth it.

Nobody knows when cricket became the nerve of every Indian. When the world cup arrives each and every one, young, old and irrespective any caste or creed, come together as one to support the Indian team.

Kabadi is the national sport but cricket holds a very dear place in everyone’s heart. In 1983 India lifted the cup for the first time and I was just a mere one year child so can’t really share any experience from the cradle but could only account for the stories my parents and uncles tell me of their experiences. Most of the people had heard about the iconic win by the radios. TV was not a common place then. My mom tells me of the story where she had to make nice and offer sweets to their neighbors so that dad could watch the match on their TV and still cracks them up thinking of the nostalgic memories of the game.  Dad was a cricket fanatic and still is just like every other hot blooded Indian. I have tried to understand how every guy gets involved with this game since young. It starts with “Galli Cricket” or “Street Cricket” and now has traded into professional clubs conducting matches on regular basis or school or college tournaments.

The finals of 1983 and 2011 hold their own ground and cannot be compared, believe me I tired that but both take their own stand in being unique and put India on a pedestal in International arena.  As Dhoni hit the final four to grab the title, entire streets erupted with clapping and joyous shouts of spectators. Then started the firecrackers lighting up the sky, I just wish there was any way one could have photographed it from the space then the entire country would show to be have been illuminated with colorful sparkles in the sky. But I could capture few in my cam and posted along with this blog.

The celebration on the street was a combination of all festivals together as the title was bagged and that to on the homeland. The Indian team rocked!!!!

Excerpt from “We are the Champions” which truly represents our spirit:

                “We are the Champions – my friends

                And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end

                We are the Champions

                No time for losers

                ‘Cause we are the Champions – of the world”

P.S: As I dont have advanced WP account, so I cannot upload videos in WP but you are welcome to check it out on my FB..


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