Awards | Seven things about me

Hey there,

Trent Lewin has been very sweet to nominate my blog for this award…. Very heartfelt thanks Trent.

Hmmmm… seven things about me, well I never had to think about anything so much, anyway here goes:

1. I love life and want to enjoy it to its fullest, so I try to learn about everything I can, and try to be happy no matter what the situation (learnt the hard way past few years…)

2. I learnt Shaolin kung-fu, because I am a big fan of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan šŸ˜› (Wouldn’t have expected that right!)

3. My tryst with writing started way back when iĀ was in school, actually even before that. I used to bore all the guests to house with my long made-up stories (as my mom likes to remind me every time I talk about writing a new story)

4. Few years down the line if things go as I plan, then I would be globe-trottingĀ checking out the wonders ofĀ the world, the natureĀ has left us as a legacy

5. Very much fascinated with history and space (totally unexpected combination… I know :D)

6. Apart from writing I like to paint, hike, adventure sports, and long drives (especially when I am driving with awesome music and company, butĀ  I also do like long drives alone when I wish to think…. :P)

7. My need to handle my emotions at the lowest point in my life paved the path for me to put everything in writing and “Mymysticworld” started…..

Wow,Ā  some are eye opener for me too :D…

I thank Trent and all my fellow blog friendsĀ to consider me for the award……

3 comments on “Awards | Seven things about me

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    Very excellent seven things Shilpa. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Beautifully put, Shilpa! Thanks for sharing.


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