Awards | The {Booker} Award

Wow… this is so much to take in….. Thanks to my amazing friend ( for nominating me for the {Booker} award. When I started this blog, it was an outlet for my emotions especially when I couldn’t express them to anyone and to see so many wonderful people connecting with them is just so heartwarming.

Here are the acceptance rules:

List my five favorite books.  Well now this is one thing I never expected to do, so here goes my fav five:

  1. The pride and prejudice (Jane Austin)… A classic which introduced me to world of amazing, aristocratic british world
  2. Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown)… A world of mystery based on my fav legends
  3. Te bloodrunners trilog (Rhyannon Byrd)…This is the book which introduced me to world of fantasy of lycans 😛
  4. The Immortals of Meluhas ( Amish Tripathi)… I have always been fascinated by Lord Shiva and this book is an amazing script which describes his journey
  5. The Raiders from North: Empire of Moguls(Alex Rutherford)… Moguls empire rise and fall

Wow… it is so fun to list my fav books. Below are my nominees as I accept this award:






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