My Angel Eyes | Chapter 39

Hey fellow bloggers

I know its been very long time since I have posted the chapters to my novels. Well I can blame it on writer’s block or my work, but I just wish I could have continued writing for I missed it past two months :).

So coming up with new year resolution (I know I am running behind in time :P), I will post atleast once every week. So the simple part is over, now starts the hard one. Keeping up with my resolution. So here comes my first post after my resolution 😀

My Angel Eyes: For those of you, who may have lost track of the story line, here is recap. Solange along with Ralf and guardians wanders into the caves in search of Lucifer’s prison. Along the way they come across battered body of Solange’s father.

So what happens next? Well you gotta read “chapter 39” to find out. Enjoy and do let me know what you think 😛

A very warm and happy new year to you all  (As I said before, running as fast as I can to catch up :P)

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