My Angel Eyes | Chapter 34

Hi All,

Thanks for reading my novel “My Angel Eyes”. Here is the new “chapter 34“.

So did Ralf raise his hand on Uriel?

Did Ralf punish Uriel for threatening his soul-mate or how did the events turn out?

Well if you want to know, you got read this chapter….

Enjoy and let me what you think 😛

My Angel Eyes – Chapter 30

Hey there,

I couldn’t stop myself from writing this chapter of My Angel Eyes. I felt I have been taking too long between chapters and that might be breaking the flow, so came up with a strategy.

“Everynight I promised my self to write at least 500 words of the novel and also plan the flow.”

Well the result is I am able to post this chapter sooner than I normally would have :D. So have fun reading it and also do let me know what you think of it, chao!

My Angel Eyes: Chapter 30

My Angel Eyes – Chapter 28

Hi All

I know the timeframe between each chapter for my novels is huge, but I promise to try to bring it down, (I hope my boss is reading this and will thinking of giving me low work load hehehe :P)

This is chapter 28 is building block that leads onto very interesting events that you will soon be reading. Enjoy and visit back soon ^_^