Ranch of Dreams | Chapter 16 – Roses & Thorns

Wow, last few days have actually been a roll coaster ride for me and I am hoping it may smooth down. But it seems it may not be so for Rachael and Chris in “Ranch of Dreams”. Read the next chapter Roses & Thorns to know what happens after Chris finds out who Rachael is actually.

Enjoy 😀


Ranch of Dreams | Chapter 15

Hi All,

I know it has been ages since I posted the new chapter to my novel “Ranch of Dreams”.

It’s just that I have been lost where should Rachael and Chris go after the disastrous fire. Well ideas have started flowing slowly (for not lack of trial at my end 😉 ), but am sure you will see more action, romance and humor coming your way.

So sit back and enjoy the “Chapter 15” which is just a glimpse into the events that will unfold soon.



Ranch of Dreams | Chapter 13 – And cat’s out the bag


oh oh I see some grumpy faces, sorry guys have been driving down more than 2000 kms back and forth n top of that client meetings. Well what can a girl do, but put aside her novel…. Work kills it right? 😉

Nah, all excuses aside, I took time out because I really needed break from mundane life and get back to my solace, so here comes theChapter 13 of Ranch of Dreams.

Enjoy ^_^

Ranch of Dreams | Chapter 10


Yep, I have started working on my novel “Ranch of Dreams” kept on hold for quite a few months. So for everyone’s benefit here is a brief:

Rachael Burns a top model, buys a ranch with the intent to fulfill her dream. But this dream is not just about the ranch, but also about taking revenge. Chris arrival plays havoc with her plans or will it lead on into something more interesting. Well find out by reading my “Ranch of Dreams” and here comes the chapter 10 | New beginnings of old chapter

Enjoy ^_^