Mystic Verses | These feelings

Mystic Verses | These feelings

I know I know, I have been absent from my blog for way longer than I would have liked, but hopefully this will not be my failed attempt to continue my posts and find time of the schedule for something I absolutely love.

So here, I making a come back with my “40th” mystic verse “These Feelings“.

Enjoy 😀

Open Letter | Worst customer service experience ever with #Snapdeal

Hi Rohit/Kunal

Order Number: 1421297172
Complaint Number: 3990818

I purchased a Canon DSL EOS 600D (Kit II) with double lens (ES 18-55 and ES 55-250). The product was received on Nov 18, 2013 by me around 11:30AM. Upon inspection I found a faulty cap on ES 55-250 lens. The lens cap is stuck and doesn’t open.

1st Complaint registered on: Nov 18, 2013 ~2:00PM: Response – (Over call): Yes, we are registering your complaint and our QA team will contact you soon. (No confirmation of complaint received either via email or SMS).

2nd Complaint registered on: Nov 18, 2013 ~5:30PM: (Over call) – Informed about lack of complaint acknowledgement. (Received email and SMS stating that I will hear from QA team soon)

3rd Complaint registered on: Nov 20, 2013 ~6:30AM – (Over call) – Upon informing that no action on complaint, was promised that it will definitely happen by 10AM on the same day. (Didn’t receive any call)

4th Complaint registered online Nov 21, 2013 – Automated reply to email, but no follow up via call. I called the customer support and they have to audacity to tell me that I should check my email account for a reply with in 48 hours of registering the complaint from your end despite the fact the complaint was registered on Nov 18, 2013 it self (within 2 hours of receiving he product)

Upon posting on social media on Nov 22, 2013, receive a call late afternoon with promise it will be dealt with on high priority basis and solved by Monday (Nov 25, 2013). Before being told it will be handled, the gentleman advises that I should go find a canon service center and have the product checked.

Nov 25, 2013 (TODAY) 9:15AM – I had to call up and follow up if I will be receiving any updates and the response “QA team will contact me”.

Nov 25, 2013 (TODAY) 2:00PM – No call received till 2:00PM, so I follow up again as it has become my daily task with snapdeal, and the customer support person has the nerve to tell me that I should wait despite being told multiple times that this is not first time that I have complained. When it told with ultimatum that either replace it or cancel my order, answer we are looking into it and QA team will call in an hour

Nov 25, 2013 (TODAY) 2:50PM – Call from QA team stating they will recall the product in 24hours and depending on my wish will either refund or replace in 24hours after the product is received by Snapdeal. (That is in exactly another week process)

I am writing this epost  to let you know, how much I once  used to value snapdeal now have to come to realize the worst customer support it offers. My anger is with the fact that despite having informed that I am traveling out of town and I need this complaint to be addressed ASAP it has been more that seven days with no solution. To come to know it took me so many days of  grief for someone to address my complaint and that I will have to face another week has prompted me to write this post.

Hopefully you will ensure you don’t have any other customer who has to deal the way I had to, because I have decided not to purchase from #Snapdeal anymore.