When I wanted to say the words,

My mouth dries up, closing at the moment,

And you push me away, breaking my heart,

But I believe, we are meant to be together,

And I wish you would not give up, give us up…


I am invisible, even as you walk past me,

My breadth hitches, struggling for breadth,

For your every breadth is what I need to live,

And I believe, you are meant to be mine,

So don’t give up, give up on me…


My heart feels every pierce of the knife,

Bleeding crimson red, at your feet,

Wishing, you would notice me, for who I am,

For my belief, we are made for each other,

Grows strong as days go, so don’t give up


Just believe in my love….


P.S: I don’t hold the rights to the image

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