Empty Promises

“I came alive”, when you came into my life

Changing the course from loneliness to together

“I would swim across the oceans”, just to be with you

For you are the heartbeat, which keeps me alive

“I would sing to you”, so make you smile

For your lips, form the song of my life

“I would lie next to you”, to keep you safe

For you’re my courage, giving me strength

“I would hold you in arms”, a promise to be with you

For you’re the lifeline, rooting me to my existence

You promised, to be with me forever

Oh, what a fool I was not to realize,

That you never really wanted to belong to me,

All the promises made, were nothing but

Empty promises

Image courtsy: Lethinhastock on Deviantart

6 comments on “Empty Promises

  1. granbee says:

    Lovelorn and wiser! A beautiful poem describing this unfortunately common experience of young women falling in love “in all the wrong places”! Very much enjoyed this! Concise enough, yet filled out with enough details and rhythmical.


    • Shilpa says:

      Hi Granbee

      Thank you for appreciating my poems. I hope you return to enjoy my trivial views. I have to mention one thing here, I have been reading your posts and they are amazing. The flow of your writing style is very well formatted. I could learn a lot from you 😀


  2. Sorry I have been absent from your blog, Shilpa. This is a lovely poem of longing for what might be.

    Wishing you fulfillment of your dreams and heart’s delight!


  3. Beautifully written. I think you’re writing is so great because it’s so easy to relate to 🙂


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