Forget About Us

I am gonna love you, like nobody loves you

Be here, to be with you forever

I am gonna be there, to greet you with warm kiss

Forever my darling, don’t you forget that

But, by the time I realize this was in past,

A shadow passes across my sight,

You and I walking hand in hand,

With the world at our feet,

Love holding us warm in a cocoon

And I close my eyes, against the sight,

I drive on the paths we walked,

Slowing down the side, praying

You will appear next to me,

Pulling me in your arms holding me safe

I know you are not true anymore,

But, I just let my memories playback,

The wonderful times I hoped to be reality,

But the truth is they are not,

These memories are pulling me down

For, I can never forget your touch,

I know I can’t let go of you,

For I can never forget about us

But, I am gonna have to let you go,

And forget about us…

PS: I don’t have rights to the image

Lonely Angel

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