You Are My Everything

I open my eyes to warm sunrays,

Washing over me, like your bright smile.

Taking me to a world of love,

Leaving behind, the inhibitions of my life.


Rain drops fall down at their lazy pace,

Like your kisses of promise on my forehead.

Promises to stay with me forever and ever,

For us to grow old together, like that ripened wine.


The fog moves slowly across the snow-draped land,

Like your hug warming me to my core.

Our hands held under the mistletoe, taking the oath

To love each other, for now and eternity.


For you are my everything,

My life, my soul, my heart…

P.S: The painting is by Leonidafremov. Absolutely amazing and is very much in tune to my verse above….

4 comments on “You Are My Everything

  1. Beautiful piece! God Bless 🙂


  2. Ashmita says:

    Great write up! You have a rare perspective!


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