Chapter 3 – Sean meets Rachael

McGrover’s Ranch:

The next morning John McGrover walked into the kitchen to find Rachael sipping coffee deep in thought.

“Good Morning Rach dear. Hope you slept well.”

“Morning Uncle John. Thank you. It was the best sleep I had in years.”

“You seem to be lost in some thought. Anything you would like to share?”

“I was thinking if O’Cauly recognizes me what will I do. All my plans of getting my ranch will go waste.”

“You will have to maintain your glamorous self. You have been in limelight for so many years and everyone will assume you are Rachael Burns the topmost model from New York. And to tell you the fact not many people from Owl Creek know much about any modeling world or the models. So until our plan is successful no one would know.”

Just as Rachael was about reply, the back door opened and Sean walked into the kitchen calling for his father. Seeing he was not alone he apologized and said

“Morning pa, I didn’t know we had company?” and walking towards Rachael he said “Forgive my father’s rudeness Ms. for not telling me we had company.”

“Oh stop flirting with her boy. She is your boss. Sean meet Ms. Rachael Burns. The new owner of McGrover Ranch. And Ms. Burns this is my second son Sean. He is working towards his medical degree.”

“How do you do Mr. Sean McGrover?” Rachael said giving her hand to shake with Sean.

Taking her extended hand Sean smiled and said “It’s my pleasure in meeting you Ms. Burns. If I had known I would be working for beautiful lady such as you, I would have made my father sign the deed a month ago.”

Smiling Rachael said “We both know you wouldn’t have agreed even then just as you are opposed to it now. But thank you for the compliment.”

Astonished at her frankness Sean returned her smile and walked towards the coffee maker and said to his father “Pa, I am here to discuss with you about the fencing across the north-east side.”

“Sean I was about to handover all the ranch papers to Ms. Burns. Once it is done we can ride down to check it out.”

“Please call me Rachael. We can look at the papers anytime. Why don’t I ride down with Sean to check out the ranch and the fencing across the north-east side?”

“It would be my pleasure to show you around Rachael. Let me bring the car around from the garage.”

“Sean is it practical to drive in car around the ranch?”

“No it is not.”

“Ok. What is most practical way?”

“Riding on a horse.”

“Why car then? Let’s go saddle up two horses.”

“Can you ride a horse?”

“Sean my boy you shouldn’t underestimate Rachael.” Saying John walked out of the kitchen carrying his coffee mug.

“Miss. Burns, so should we head to the stables?”

“Ok, but call me Rachael.” “Ok Rachael.”

Saddling up Sweets Jr. Rachael walked out to find Sean waiting on a beautiful Arabian horse. Sean and Rachael rode across the ranch checking pastures, herds and fencing. He explained the different breeds of livestock on the ranch.

Returning to stables Sean and Rachael removed saddle from their horses and rubbed them down for they had ridden long and far along the ranch. As they were working in companionable silence Sean wondered why Rachael who had never lived in ranch or worked with animals before be so good at what she was doing in taking care of her horse. Even while they were riding he had expected her to complain about riding out in hot sun across such vast lands. But not once did she complain but rather had all the right questions to ask him.

“How does a model from New York know so much about working on a ranch?”

Rachael was startled from here thoughts but collecting herself she answered carefully “Not much, just few basics from the internet reading.”

“You are joking right? From Internet?”

“No I am serious. I read many books on livestock and running a ranch, but I know it is not of any help except to give me an insight into the business. So I informed Mr. Grover that I would need all his ranch hands here. That way they don’t have to worry about finding new jobs once I take over here.”

“You are right. You can never learn about ranch life from books and I am very glad to hear you are not letting go of the ranch hands.”

Walking back to the house they found John in the office and Barbara cooking lunch. Upon spotting them Barbara announced lunch would be ready in fifteen minutes and poured lemonade for them. Sitting in the living room Rachael enquired Sean about the ranch hands and their work schedule. John joined them and gave his inputs. After lunch Sean took leave and promised to be back the next day to help Rachael and to introduce her to all the workers at the ranch.

“Our first test is done and we cleared it without any problem.” John said

“What do you mean Uncle John?”

“Sean used to walk behind you all time when you were here. He was smitten but today he has been around you for almost half a day but couldn’t recognize you.”

“He was very young then Uncle and now I don’t look like the way I was twelve years ago.”

“That’s the point my dear. Our plan will work. You will get what you have always wanted.”

Walking to window facing south Rachael looked out at the ranch on the other side of road. The big “O’Cauly” on top of the entrance still struck a nerve. It should have been “McBurns”.

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