Chapter 1

Solange loved to hike along the Shelter Cove. It was her haven from the busy city life in San Francisco. Walking along the steep terrain to reach the lighthouse and watch the sun set beyond the ocean forming a cascade of colors while the shadows of the night take over turning the ocean grey and providing the seclusion she was looking for. It was her best spot to think about her research.

There were very few religious historians left and her research was not making any progress. She was in her senior year at the University of California, San Francisco studying at the Department of Theology & Religious Studies. Her Professor had encouraged her to work on a research to understand “Angelology – The Doctrine of Angels”. Solange was always fascinated by these mystic beings and the research was an opportunity of lifetime.

“Bright stars above

Guide me in my quest

To uncover the mysteries

Beyond the realm of mankind”

Oh those honey colored eyes watch me so intently flying me across the blue ocean so unknown to world beyond and I lose myself in their depth and just like that I felt myself fall deep into the ocean. “Ouch!! Oh those damn eyes always leave my bottom sore every morning. I swear never to dream of them again”.

“Angel dear are your all right?”  Aunt Gretchen called from kitchen.

“Yes Aunt Gretchen, it’s nothing I just fell of my bed, again!” I said walking to the top of stairs.

“Oh poor dear, I hope at least you got rest. Why don’t you come down I will have the breakfast ready for you before we go to the church.”

“Thanks Aunt Gretchen, I will be down once I am ready”.

On the way we met with few of Aunt Gretchen’s quilt group friends, all walking to the church. Cape Mendocino is very small town located along the Pacific coast with beautiful beaches, steep plains to explore along the coast and its lighthouse. This coastal beauty is my home town where I was born and after my parents were gone, Aunt Gretchen took me in and never made me feel the loss.

The service went by quickly and we were waiting for father Smith at the entrance of the church when I felt a chill run down my spine as if I was being watched. I turned back to find everything as ever, people going about their business and mingling with others, nothing out of place, then I saw him.

He was an outsider, standing a head taller than all present with dark locks in haphazard but looking like the latest style from the ramp in his white v-neck t-shirt hugging his torso like a second skin and dark blue jeans showing his long legs. He was talking to Mrs. Evans oldest member of Cape Mendocino while helping her onto the high seat of her grandson’s truck.

Then he saw directly at me and his eyes – they were the same honey colored eyes which drowned me every morning!!!

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