Chapter 11


Those honey colored eyes again were mesmerizing me and I was falling deep in their depth. I tried to focus and see whom they belonged to and why he was torturing me by staying hidden. Then I saw his face. Ralf, it is him, my handsome savior, holding me close to him taking me with him to unknown land. I looked up at Ralf and then his face turned worried and said “Angel you need to get up now. Please open your eyes.”

Ralf kept telling me that I needed to open my eyes, but this dream was mesmerizing and I didn’t wish to wake up. But the worried voices of Ralf, Aunt Gretchen and Dr. Mac pulled me out of my dream. Opening my eyes I saw all of them hovering around. When I tried to talk, my voice was rasped and it sounded rough to my own ears “what happened, why you all sounding so worried?”

“Angel, here drink some water.” Saying Aunt Gretchen brought a glass of water to my lips. Sipping slowly I looked around the room, to find Dr. Mac sitting in a chair across the bed and Ralf standing next to the door. Then the reality set in. I was not in my room, but in Ralf’s bedroom and the events of night came back to me in a flash. The events felt so unrealistic, if I had not seen it with my own eyes, it would have never believed it.

“Will I get any explanation for what I saw in the barn?” I said looking at Ralf, knowing well he is the only one who can explain what I saw.
“Before he can say anything, I need to tell you something Angel dear” said Aunt Gretchen, her eyes sad and begging me to understand.
A feel of doom settled on my heart and felt what I was about to hear would change me forever. Seeing I was silent aunt continued, “Angel, what I am about to tell you will redefine everything you know as of today. I always knew this day would come but not under the circumstances where you saw Michael and Ralf their true archangel form?”

“So I was not dreaming right? I did see both of them with wings.” I said hysterically thanking god I had not gone crazy. But I didn’t see anyone else in room except Dr. Mac and Ralf in the room so I asked “Aunt who is Michael? I saw only Ralf and Dr. Mac in the barn.”

“Solange, I am Michael Aodh” said Dr. Mac solemnly getting up from the chair and moved to stand in front of me as if waiting for my judgment.
I was now confused and kept looking at aunt and Dr. Mac thinking how does Aunt Gretchen know Dr. Mac and that his real name was Michael. Aunt Gretchen touched my hand to bring my attention to her and said “Angel, please listen to what I have to say with an open mind.” I just nodded my head not knowing what else to say.

Aunt Gretchen started speaking of the time before I was born. Angel darling I hope you remember your bedtime stories when I told you about the brave warriors and guardians.
“Since time immemorial, the messengers of god looked over his children on the earth. These messengers were known by many names across the world as guardians, protectors or angels. Many centuries ago, they lived and moved among the humans as one, taking care and helping them. But a time came when few guardians’ took undue advantage of the respect and trust which people had entrusted to them and when this came to notice of the greatest one or god as many call him now, he was furious and banished them to underground never to see the light and turned their wings to black and hence then they were called as black-ones’. Among them was one of his favorite son who begged for his mercy. Being the gentle one that he is, he told the black-ones’ that after a millennium they will be able to walk in light again, but he couldn’t take back their fallen status and were forced to live either on earth or underground.

He then created another world for his faithful guardians and a portal through which they are able to visit the human world as and when needed. Over the centuries people lost faith in him and then the guardians became invisible to them, but the guardians couldn’t leave their wards and continued returning to earth to protect men from their own foolishness. The greater one had assigned a council of guardians who overlook everything from assigning which archangel will be responsible for which continent in this world.

 It might seem very unbelievable but the truth is you are an heir to very strong archangel and his warrior wife.”

“Gretchen, probably I should be the one to tell Solange about her parentage. She deserves to hear it from me.” Dr. Mac said.

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