Chapter 13


“Angel is my mate Michael.”

“Raphael Duncan has finally hard in love then. Hmm” Michael said smiling at me.

“Michael, it is not like I planned it. I didn’t even know Angel was your daughter till now. For past two weeks I have been in Shelter Cove, I always sensed an energy pulling me towards her all time.” I sat down on the chair and grabbed my beer.

“Ralf, you have no idea how happy I am for you and very proud that my brother, my best friend is my daughter’s mate. She wouldn’t have found any one better than you.” Saying Michael walked towards me.

Standing up I said “Thank you brother, but I haven’t told Angel yet and am not sure if she will have me.”

“Not have you, have you seen her reaction my boy when you walk in the room.” Said Gretchen sipping her coffee across the table. “Sit down both of you. You are giving me a strain in my neck having to look up all time. Dinner is in oven and I want both of you tell to everything to Angel. Enough of keeping secrets from her. She is not a child as you believe her to be Michael and she is not a porcelain doll as you believe Raphael. She won’t break once she learns of her history and her legacy.”

Gretchen had both us warriors, arch angels sit quavering like school boys in front of her. Keeping mum we both took our seats and watched as Gretchen told us how important it was for us to treat Angel as an adult and it was her right to know where her roots were. That she is born of union between an Amazon warrior and Arch angel, which has never been heard of ever. Nobody knows in next few months what powers she will have and what she will have to do to get them under control.

As Gretchen was talking, I thought I could vouch that Angel was not a child. She is full grown woman who set my heart racing with one look and a delicate smile playing on her lips brought me onto my knees. Just then I got a smack on the back of head. As I turned around to confront, I saw Gretchen standing with her hands on her hips and foot tapping the floor. She said “Stop day dreaming about her boy and stay in present. The temperature is room has gone up like a volcano about to blow. And I have placed a protection spell around the house and around your entire property Ralf. It will help with sudden increase in power surge once all the Arch angels arrive tomorrow.”

Turning and looking at Michael, Gretchen said “You better tell Angel, that you were always there with her all time. You came back as guest teacher and faculty as and when possible to keep an eye on her.”

Choking on his dinner Michael looked at Gretchen and spoke with his full mouth “How did you know I was there?”

“I am a seer for a reason boy and a powerful one at that. It is different matter that I decided not to use my powers as others want. You both better eat up your dinner, because you are about to have one very angry angel on his way especially to deal with you Michael.”

“Oh no! its Gab” both me and Michael said at the same time when we heard the back door open and Gabriel walked in ready to take a swing at Michael. Blocking his way I said “Gab, calm down. I know he deserves it, but he has been through enough.” Looking at me Gab dropped his fist and leaving a long breath caught my hands in greeting before hugging Michael.

“How have you been brother? What happened that you couldn’t call us for two decades?” Gabriel asked Michael.

Explaining the events which had led to Michael’s disappearance and the appearance of Bune in Shelter Cove trying to kill Solange, we walked towards the barn. Entering the barn we found Bune on floor trying to open his binds whimpering from the pain. Hearing us he stopped struggling and turned to look. His face contracted in pain and tried struggling more vigorously.

“Hello Bune, do you remember me? You were lucky a decade ago, but what will you do now?” said Gabriel menacingly. Knowing it would be a big mistake to stop Gabriel, I and Michael shifted to other side of the room and watched as Gabriel shifted into his warrior form, spreading his wings to their full span and grabbing his saber from its sheath. Walking close to Bune Gabriel said “You are lucky, it was Ralf who found you instead of me else you know very well you would be dead by now. If you want to live a little longer then it would be in your best interest to tell all that you know to us right now.”

“I already told what I know.”

“Hmm, you see Bune, if you wish for peaceful death then try not to humiliate us by lying. Spill everything now” said Gabriel in calm tone which was much scarier than his anger.

“I don’t know who is looking for the girl. All I know is Luther has been promised he would be reinstated and this person has been encouraging black-ones’ to mingle with humans to create an army. Luther said I should bring in the girl either alive or dead. Her blood is important. This is the first mission I have been sent in blind by Luther. He is not ready to share any information even with me. That is truth. Please let me go.”

“Anything else you wish to ask Ralf?”

“Who else is coming after Solange?”

“Right now, it is only me. If I do not report to Luther in next 48 hours then he will send someone else” said Bune.

“What do you plan to do with him?” Gabriel asked standing up pulling Bune along with him.

I looked at Michael for his suggestion and he said “It is your call. I do not want him near my daughter ever again.”

Unfurling my wings I walked towards Bune and stopped in front of him. Gabriel and Michael drifted away to a corner as my feathers turned to sharp and lethal tips which could pierce through any metal. Lifting Bune with his throat such that his feet were dangling from the floor, I looked into his eyes letting him see me in my full Arch angel form, choking the life out of him slowly telling him, he or anyone who looked at my Angel, the only thing they will be facing would be death at my hands.


The peaceful slumber I was in was suddenly disturbed and a dread settled in. I couldn’t open my eyes and felt being pulled into dark pit. No matter how much I struggled I couldn’t stop my fall nor could I get up. Wailing I got up to find myself sitting on Ralf’s bed and aunt Gretchen was asleep in chair next to the bed. Tears were flowing down my cheeks, wiping them I walked towards the bathroom. On the way I saw a white energy light up the sky. Walking towards the window I saw the light was from the Barn, fearing what might be happening and not wanting to know I just went to wash my face.

It was early morning and the clock chimed four O’clock. Not being able to sleep anymore I went down to Kitchen to find it occupied by three tall and muscled men crowding the room. As I entered all of them turned towards me and seeing me dad walked up to me kissed my forehead greeting me. Smiling up to him, I wished him and said “Is the scary Gabriel, you were telling me about?”

“Scary, who?” Gabriel asked looking at Ralf and Michael.

“Ralf was telling me you were the scary and that..” before I could finish Ralf interrupted.

“You scar everyone except Caitlin. It is not a secret.” Ralf said laughing at Gabriel.

“It is good to know I scare you Ralf.” Gabriel said smirking at Ralf.

Amused at both of them I walked towards coffeemaker to find it already brewing. The fragrance of coffee was nostalgic and the presence of three Arch angels cleared away the fear I had felt by the nightmare. Gabriel’s easy going attitude and Ralf’s magnanimous personality and dad’s blissful presence had me smiling and basking in wonderful feeling indescribable. As we four were sitting and talking nothing in particular keeping the mood buoyant, Ralf  stood up suddenly and said “We are going to have company soon.” Dad and Gabriel looked at Ralf and said even they could feel the other Arch angels approach. “Michael I think it is best not to bring Solange in front of others yet.”

Both Dad and Gabriel agreed with Ralf once he said “Things have been shaky in our world and I do not trust anyone at this point of time. Until we can trust who is on our side, it is not safe for Solange to come in front of others.” They suggested I should stay upstairs in the bedroom and ask Gretchen to place invisible shield from all the others. As I walked up aunt Gretchen was closing all the windows and weaving something invisible in the air. As soon as I walked into the room, the door closed of its own accord and I could feel a buzz of electricity surround the room. Aunt explained it was the spell working its power. Sitting on the bed I prepared to wait for few more hours before I could have my answers from Ralf about Angelology and more  about my mother from Dad.

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