Chapter 15


Solange could feel the shift in the energy and its effect seemed to reduce slowly every second.

“They are leaving now, well except one named Uriel” Said Aunt Gretchen from behind walking towards her and looking out from the patio as the sky cleared.

“Who is Uriel?”

“He is one of your father’s brothers.”

“Is Ralf too dad’s brother. He calls him so.” Solange asked praying it is not so. It would be so wrong to like someone who is your uncle.

Aunt Gretchen laughed at Solange’s expression and said “They are warrior brothers. Not real brothers. Ralf is the son of Warrior leader Phanuel who joined the ranks of warriors along with your father before he became the guardian of The Empyrean. Michael and Phanuel were inseparable since young until Michael was assigned as the guardian of United States and he had move into human releam.”

“What is Empyrean?”

“It is where we guardians and our families live except for the ones’ who are assigned to earth” Said Ralf standing leaning against the door.

“Where is it? I have never heard of it before?” said Solange looking everywhere except at Ralf as she felt embarrassed at her own feelings of elation on finding him at the door looking ruggedly handsome.

“Very far from here. Maybe one day I will take you there to meet my family when you are ready.”

“I would like that. Thank you”

Smiling at Solange, Ralf moved towards the closet and collected a dress for himself.

“Are you and dad going out somewhere?”

“All of us are going out. Did you forget we have to be at the city hall in three hours for the annual gathering?”

“Oh my god, I completely forgot. I was supposed to be at the hall and help Patricia and her mother” said Solange looking around frantically for her shoes.

“Angel, do not worry. Everything is taken care of and your dress is in the closet.”

“What about my dress dear boy?” said Aunt Gretchen from her place near the patio door she had been standing since Ralf walked in. She had noticed that both Angel and Ralf forgot her presence and lost trying to talk to each other.

Having been startled both Ralf and Angel looked at Aunt Gretchen going red. “Yours is also inside the closet. Please if you both get ready we can leave for the gathering.” Saying Ralf started to walk out the room.

“Ralf will you answer all my questions later please?” Solange asked walking up to the door.

“Yes, Angel I will. Anything you wish to know.”


As I walked into the office downstairs, I found Uriel and Michael deep in discussion. “I will be taking Gretchen and Angel to the gathering after two hours. Would you like join us?”

“What gathering?” both Michael and Uriel asked looking up at me and when they saw tux in my hand, both made a disgusting sound.

“The town’s annual gathering. It is important for both of them and I wouldn’t want them to miss it.”

“Is it safe to take Angel out?” asked Michael worried about his daughter’s safety.

“Between three of us, no one would even dare to lay a finger on her.” Said Uriel and asked Ralf “Is it compulsory to wear tux to the gathering?”

“Yes, it is the dress code.”

“Then I call dibs on the external security. You both stay with the ladies indoors for their protection” announced Uriel.

Laughing at him both Ralf and Michael got ready for the party. Once all three were ready they sat at the dining table sipping coffee.

When Solange walked down the stairs in the dress I had got for her from Candice’s store in the cove. The light pink colored evening gown adorned her perfectly. The beads on the gown shimmered in the evening light as if she was dressed in diamonds. Angel had twisted her hair up in knot and long curls at the side framing her beautiful face. I was brought out my trance when I heard a whistle directed at my Angel. I turned to see Uriel taking long strides and walking towards Angel. Before I could stop him, he reached the bottom of stairs and held her hand to kiss her palm.

“And who is this gorgeous Angel here Ralf?”

“Get your hands of her Uriel?”

Uriel looked stunned at the anger in my voice. Then his expression changed and he immediately let go of Angel’s hand apologizing through our communication channel. I saw Michael sigh with relief, understanding he must have told Uriel that Angel is my mate I controlled my outburst. Before I could give my own apologies to Uriel for acting out of instinct Angel asked “Did you all three just communicate with each other?”

We all were stunned as the channels were unique to each individual and unless we didn’t open the channel, others were not aware of it and wouldn’t know we were communicating.

Shocked Michael asked “Angel how did you know?”

“Because every time you do that I can feel buzz in my head and it feels as if something is pulling me.”

“Your powers seem to be coming out of dormancy.” Michael said deep in thought.

“My powers? But you said all guardians’ could communicate with each other then how is this different for me?”

“We have never heard of any guardian who could intercept a private communication channel. It is the first time. Anything else we should know dear?” Michael said

“Nothing, I had the same buzzing before when we were here in kitchen but not as strong as it was now and I could feel the energy when all the guardians left. It felt like electricity at the tip of my fingers.”

“We need to find your mother as soon as possible. She must be aware of the powers and how she had bound them.”

“Who is your mate Michael?” Uriel asked

“I just know her name, Savitha Abhaidev. We are not full mates. I lost her before I could complete the mating ritual. For past 20 years I have been looking for her everywhere.”

“The amazon warrior, Michael I should have known you would never settle for a shy sweet girl. I faced her once about five years ago and before the miscommunication was cleared I had a taste of her blade too. She is really a fearsome lady for her size.” Uriel said

“Where did you see her?” asked Michael and Solange together

“Last I saw her was in Indonesia when I was on my way to Empyrean.” Uriel announced.

“He says the truth, but she is not there anymore. She has moved on to India since then.” Said Aunt Gretchen coming down the stairs dressed for party.

“Aunt, if you knew where she was, why you didn’t tell me before?” said Angel angered.

“Because, Gretchen’s visions are subjective and she doesn’t see them until it is time for some future event to occur.” I informed Angel.

“Oh” Angel said flustered for losing her temper.

“I have to go find Savitha. You all should go to the party” announced Michael.

“No dad, I will go with you to find mom.”

“Angel, Michael we should plan our strategy to find Savitha because it is important we find her as soon as possible to help Angel with her powers. Just taking off without plan will not work now.” I informed Michael and Angel.

“Ralf is right and you know that Michael. You have been searching for her for two decades with no success.” Uriel said

Not able to say anything else Michael agreed and we all drove to the city hall.

Shelter Cove City Hall

The hall was decorated with beautiful orchids at the entrance and night lights were hung all around the garden around it. Ralf and Angel walked in followed by Michael and Gretchen. Uriel had taken up a position on top of the building opposite the city hall. They were greeted by Patricia, Mrs. Martha and rest of the town. As they were talking to the mayor, Solange heard someone call her name from the other corner of the room. She turned to find Lolo and Josh walking towards them. She walked up to Lolo and hugged her friend and greeted Josh. After introducing them to Ralf, Gretchen and Michael, she excused herself and went with Lolo for private conversation. Josh stayed with Ralf talking about their time in city.


Lolo was like a sense of something which was normal in my life and I was trying to hold on to that, but feeling guilty for not being able to confine in her. As we walked towards the buffet Lolo asked “So is that the hunk you were telling me about from the church yard?”


“Wow.. He is handsome. If Josh was not with me I would have defiantly snatched him.” Lolo said teasing me.

“Lolo please do not talk so loud. Somebody will hear you and he is not mine. He hasn’t said anything like that. We are just good friends I guess.”

“You guess. Poor Angel didn’t you see his face loose color when you left his side and walked here with me. Poor guy loves you and you don’t even know.”

When she said that, I looked at Ralf to find him looking at me. I felt hot and flush crept up my neck and cheeks. Trying to fan my face with my hands I turned to look at grinning face of Lolo looking at me and then waving at Ralf. I grabbed her hand and dragged her to the ladys’ room.

Lolo started laughing loudly and said “The sparks are flying on both sides and they are very very hot.”

“Lolo stop it please. You will get me into trouble.” I said splashing water on my face to cool some of the heat.

Just as Lolo was about say something, Ralf barged into the washroom and said we needed to get out of here now. It is not safe. Uriel somehow missed the breach. It is not safe anymore. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door, I remembered Lolo was with us and said “Ralf Lolo needs to go with us. We can’t leave her hear” then I heard a loud crash and turned to find Lolo holding the wash basin in her hand which she had pulled off the wall ready to fling at us. She had turned into something very demonic. He face was twisted with sneer and her eyes had gone eerie white with red iris. I screamed with fear seeing my best friend like this.

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