Chapter 16


No matter how much I try to run away from the black figure following me, I can’t get away. My mouth closed up every time I tried to scream. Running along the block I stopped to catch my breath and I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder, scared I turned to find Lolo looking concerned then her face slowly contorted into demonic face with sharp fangs and eyes blood red. My fear stopped me right there as her talons moved towards my throat I screamed at the top of lungs.

“Angel, wake up, it is a nightmare. Please wake up and open your eyes.”

I heard someone call to me saying what I was seeing was a dream. How would they know if they are not here? Then I was jerked so suddenly my focus shifted and looked at my surroundings. It was someone’s office. Ralf and dad stood next to me and the concern in their eyes had me come back into my full senses and the events that occurred came back to me at full force.


“She is not human anymore” said my Dad

“She and her boyfriend both are not alive too. Uriel and I took care of them” said Ralf in tone that didn’t welcome any further questions.

“Be little compassionate Ralf” scolded Aunt Gretchen bringing a glass of water to me.

“I can never be compassionate towards Luther’s minions or Luther himself.”

“Well there is a way to break it to others who do not know anything about Luther and his minions.” Said Aunt Gretchen looking at me and back at Ralf.

“Aunt I am fine. Where is Lolo?”

Everyone went silent at mention of Lolo and what I had been dreading turned to reality. “She really did turn demonic in the washroom. It was not a nightmare. All the events did happen at the city hall are a reality right” I said looking at Ralf.

He nodded and walked out the room stating he needed to patrol around the property. Uriel who had been silent the entire time walked behind Ralf giving a salute in our direction. Sitting in a chair opposite mine dad took my hands in his and said “If anything would have happened to you today, I would never have been able to face your mother or forgive myself.”

“Dad nothing happened to me. I am here fit and fine” I said smiling trying to lighten the mood.

“Yes, thanks to Ralf. He saved you from Lolo. If he had not sensed it, we do not know what would have happened with Luther wanting you dead or alive” Said dad choking up with guilt and anger.

Rubbing my hands on his I said “Dad I may seem small and helpless but I have enough fight in me. I would never go down so easily”

“You have a lot of your mother in you and you are a born warrior. We just need to wake that warrior up from her deep slumber” said dad smiling at me.

“Ok so what will be the first step I need to take to wake her up? Will beating drums near her ears help?” I said teasing.

“We could try but are you sure you can stand Gretchen in her seer robe singing around the fire beating the drums.”

“Michael care for what you wish for. May be I will do just that to bring some sense to all you macho egotistical pig heads. Scaring my poor girl so badly and putting her into danger.”

At the mention of me in danger dad went silent and walked to the window. I whispered angrily to aunt “Now look what you did. I am fine.”

“Ok ok. I apologize for being rude. Now you rest. I need to talk to all three of them and know this it is fact they are still pig headed.”

Smiling at her bantering I closed my eyes holding onto Aunt Gretchen’s hands as my anchor from my nightmares.


The need to hit something was so bad in me that the minute I was out of the house I literally brought the tree down next to barn.

“Hey Ralf, you should control your anger. It will not help with the situation.”

“If I had not touched the rotting flesh of that Josh I would never have recognized Luther’s work. How the hell did his minions manage to walk right under noses and we couldn’t sense them initially. There was a distinctive smell of those flesh eaters but these two didn’t. Something had them mask that from us.”

“I was wondering the same thing. We need to check this immediately with the council.”

“The best person to talk to will be your grandfather Ralf and not the council” Said Michael walking towards Uriel and me.

“Why do you say that Michael?” asked Uriel

“Because Michael and I believe there is a mole in council and has been instrumental in setting the course of destruction of Empyrean.”

“How is that possible? Every one of the council members is selected through a very disciplined and severe trial.”

“That is true but there is something happening without our knowledge and we need to get to the source of it. It is the only way to save Angel and Empyrean” said Michael.

“Then let’s travel to Empyrean immediately. It is probably the last place they would expect us right now” said Uriel.

“You both should go to Empyrean. I just heard from my old friend about Savitha. Her troop was spotted in India” said Michael.

“Ok. I will take Angel to Empyrean and return back to help you track Savitha. Angel will be well cared for and Gab will ensure she is safe” as soon as I said this I sensed Angel’s presence and that she was angry. Slowly turning I found her sending daggers with her eyes towards me and her father.

“Aunt Gretchen was right; all you guys are pig headed. What right do you have to decide what should be done with me? I am not some child who needs someone to make decisions for her.”

“Angel I am sorry darling. We were thinking of your best interest” saying Michael moved towards Angel.

“Dad I want to go with you and look for mom and not hide in some safe place. I just found you and there is no way I am gonna let you walk away again” Angel said pleading to her father. The fear in her eyes of losing her father again was apparent and I couldn’t stand to watch her tears.

“We were worried about your safety dear. You will soon be learning of your powers and it will be safer in Empyrean” Michael said trying to reason with Angel

“If the council is in Empyrean then it is not safe for me” Angel announced looking at all of us.

“Angel, I promise to take you to your mother.” I said

“I hear a ‘but’ Ralf. So what is the catch?”

“My mother can help us in trying to understand your powers. Once we know at least a bit about how to unwind your powers and control them we can travel back immediately to India and find your mother and Michael.”

“Well we can meet your mother after I find mine. My mother is the one who wound my powers so she should also be able to help me in controlling them.”

“But I still have to find your mother darling. I just know the probable place she could be. You should go with Ralf and meet Mrs. Evelyn Armstrong” said Michael

“Mrs. Armstrong? Who is she?” Angel asked sounding confused.

“My mother”

“But I thought you are a Duncan?”

“Well not quite, you see I changed my last name to my mother’s maiden name to settle in Shelter Cove. I am Ralf Armstrong actually” I said embarrassed to have to tell her my true identity like this.

“Hmm” saying she turned back towards the house and announced “Well Mr. Armstrong let’s go meet your mother and I will give you one chance to tell me everything about angelology because I have had enough of being treated like a child.”

All three of us looked at her retreating back and the smug smile of Gretchen who mouthed pig heads towards us and walked in with Angel.

 The next morning, I found Angel sitting on the front porch dressed in cotton button down white shirt with pink flowers embroidery at the cuffs, blue jeans and black boots. As I walked out she looked up at me and smiled.

“I am all ready to leave. Dad already snuck out early morning today and aunt said she will meet us later as she needs to take care of few things before leaving” She said looking towards the sky. I could see sadness in her eyes and was not sure how to comfort her.  

“So you two love birds are ready to leave?” said Uriel from behind me

“Very funny. You guys are the ones with the wings so you both are the birds but if love birds I don’t think I want to know” Said Angel teasing Uriel and me.

It was very amusing to see her talking in humor.

“Well look at that. The girl is humorous. Good choice brother” said Uriel punching on my shoulder

“Uriel cut if off.” I said staring at him

“Good choice? What did he mean by that?” asked Angel

“Nothing. Let’s go. I don’t wish to waste any more time.” I said and glanced at Uriel to keep his mouth shut.

Climbing into the hummer, I looked back at the ranch and prayed it still stood once everything is over. This would be the best place to settle down with Angel. I gave myself a mental kick knowing well I still have to come clean with everything to Angel and see if she will still accept me for who I am.

Angel climbed in next to me with Uriel in the back seat.Once we were on the highway I tried to contact Gab to inform him of our travel to Empyrean.

“Guys I hate to be the one to point it out, but you both can fly so can’t you just carry me or something and reach Empyrean as soon as possible?”

“It is not that simple. We cannot fly to Empyrean directly. There is this specific place and time which opens a portal to travel there. And we are trying to avoid anyone from detecting our energy by flying.” I informed Angel

“And where is the place?” she asked looking at us both.

“Phang Nga Bay in Thailand” I replied smiling to her.

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