Chapter 22

This new morning I was ready to open my heart to Angel and prayed she also had same feelings towards me. Getting ready I walked towards Angel’s room only to learn from Caity in the hallway that she had already left with father for her training. Returning to my room I found granddad waiting for me.
“Grandpa Morning. I was not expecting you here so early.”
“I came here to ask if you are interested in joining us in the arena.”
“Do we have a battle demonstration today?”
“Something like that. Your father wants Angel to meet our warriors before her training starts and I thought maybe you would like to know that.”
Thinking of Angel meeting other warriors brought an unknown jealousy in me. Clamping it down I thought what I would have to do to make Angel notice me.

At the Arena:
As I walked out into the arena, my training day memories came back. Since I learned to walk, arena had been my second home. Training on weapons with my fellow brothers had been the best play time we ever had. Today it is different, I am entering to win the affections of the lady who is my mate and unaware of her importance in my life and as mother said her importance for survival of the Empyrean. I made a promise to myself to stand between any harm and her, but before that I needed to prove my worth to her. But once Uriel called Alroy and me for a battle I thought to him what he was doing to that he replied saying “Not me, ask Conall why he wanted me to arrange this mock battle with Alroy and also have this as a masked battle.”
“Hmm, grandpa is for surely up to something.”
“Ralf, be careful with Alroy. You know how he is.”
“Thanks for the warning. I can feel his enmity oozing and it might not be a mock battle as expected by all.”
I moved forward and faced Alroy. Before starting the battle I turned to find Angel looking at me with all hopes and admiration. I was jealous of myself to be the one under mask who she was admiring. As was expected in the mock battle I moved forward to shake Alroy’s hand only to find him fly above the arena, having anticipated I followed at the same time and projected to him “Alroy this is a mock battle. Why are you prepping to fight mid air.”
“Who says this is a mock battle. I was told this was the chance to take my revenge for my loss at last battle.” replied Alroy bringing forth his weapon. A saber used in battle against the black-ones’. Praying I summoned my blue-knight, the sword which has been handed down generation to generation. Before I received it from my father, it was silver and had seen many battles in its hay days. I was always fascinated by it and one day I stole into my father’s weaponry room when I was sixteen picked her up in a fit of anger for having failed in my training test for first time. I swore to use it next time I went into the battle. But the most extraordinary event occurred the minute my fingers held the hilt of sword. Energy pulsed through and wrapped itself around me and the sword. But the energy brought me peace and my anger was lost in the bond it formed with me. As the energy gulfed me I heard gasps and turned to find my mother fearful and my father astonished at the blue energy which slowly lifted me up from the floor. I felt my wings unfurl and to my surprise the pure white wings started turning blue, scared what might happen I tried to let go of the sword but heard my father call out to say not to drop the sword. He said I needed to complete this binding now that it has started. Hoping I would not let go I held on tight to the hilt. After few minutes I found myself lying on the floor with the sword in my hand. It had changed from his traditional silver to blue. I stood up and lifted the sword high and said she was the blue-knight and will be with me forever. Blue-knight and I had fought many wars and our combined strength was feared by one and all.
When I summoned blue-knight, Alroy hesitated, but recovered immediately and lifted his weapon up ready to strike. Thinking he was being foolish and his pride wouldn’t let him back out now, I waited for him to strike first. Seeing me submissive he struck with all his might but blue-knight took the full brunt of his force and deflected it. Knowing well I will have to bruise his ego again I attacked and in few minutes we were down on the ground. I let Alroy take few strikes at me before disarming him comfortably. Once down Alroy accepted his defeat, and took my offered hand to stand up. Uriel announced the mock battle end with me being the winner.
Uriel came close and informed me that grandpa wanted to see me. I walked towards them to find Angel standing with awe on her face and it felt good to see I had managed to amaze her even if it was just in a mock battle. Reaching the observation deck I took of my mask and winked at her to be rewarded with red blush on her checks.
“Grandpa you wanted to speak with me?” I said looking at Angel, she put her head down and smiled.
“Boy look here, I need you to help me with the annual ball at the end of week. Your father was supposed to help, but Angel needs to have her training completed.”
“But I thought the ball is arranged by mom and grams every year.”
“Well this year we have to do it thanks to your grandpa” said my father
“Cearul, it is not like I wanted to do this.”
Laughing dad said “If you hadn’t lost the bet with mother, we wouldn’t be in it for the starters.”
“I didn’t lose; I let your mother win.”
“So you say pa and now we are stuck with the arrangements.”
“Well, I feel sorry for you big babies. Why do girls always have to arrange the social gatherings, for once I am with Evelyn and Moirin.”
“You tell them girl” Said my grams walking towards us with mother.
“Grams, when did you return?”
“When you were fighting that idiot, Alroy. So you must be Solange” Said Moirin walking to Angel.
“Yes mam”
“Call me Moirin dear. How have these big babies been treating you?”
“They have been good so far actually.” Said Angel smiling
“Cearul, we came here to check if Angel is free by afternoon?”
“Yes mother, she will be. But from tomorrow she will be needed to put in all her efforts before she is ready to face Lucifer.”
Angel paled at the announcement but bravely controlled her emotions.
“Father, Lucifer is still in his cage. We need to stop the one who wants to free him” I announced.

2 comments on “Chapter 22

  1. lata says:

    Simply wonderful 🙂
    I am so curious to know what happens will Ralph tell Angel, what’ll happen when she meets her mom etcetc :-). Great novel .


  2. Shilpa says:

    Me too. I am just not sure how to put a twist after this.. working on it. Want to add on something which has bang to it 😀 😉


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