Chapter 24


The ordeal of previous night had not passed from mind and I heard a huge blast coming from Ralf’s room where I was headed. Hearing the noises I ran and forced opened the door to come to sudden halt. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Ralf’s wings were spread out and the blue feathers had turned a shade darker matching his anger. He was mid way between the floor and ceiling with something what looked like bolt in his hands. Ralf looked just like all the pictures I had seen in books except now he wore jeans and t-shirt not a tunic. This brought forth a naughty feeling in me and I couldn’t contain myself from saying “Oh so you do use bolts to hit. Very angel like”

Even before I finished my sentence he had me in his arms lifting me up and flying to my room. The speed with which we reached my room had my head reeling trying to grab what just had happened.

“You should be resting?” said Ralf

“Well you should ask permission before you decide to lift someone up and dumping them on a mattress.”

“I thought I am your knight in shining armor and you needed rescuing from foolishly wandering around without escort.”

“By every minute in your presence now I feel you are the trouble than my savior. I was going to the training. Remember I have session with your dad in next five minutes. And I am going to be late because of you.” I said looking at my hand pretending to check my watch

“Well I am here to protect you all time, so you don’t have to worry about learning anything.”

“You are such male chauvinist pig Raphael. Out of my way before I decide to knock some sense into your head.”


I was shocked by what she had said and the ball of blue fire that had formed in her hand. Angel never saw nor realizes what she had just done. Before I could start following her Uriel stopped me at the door with promise to keep eye on Angel, saying it was important I sense who had attacked her.

Nodding I went to the room where Angel was staying before the attack. Everything was left just the way it was before. And with every minute my anger knew no bounds when I saw all dresses ripped and smeared with blood. Walking through the mess I came upon a box half-open with something peeking out. I pulled it open to find the startling dress in mauve with diamonds across its delicate neckline; it was the only one safe from the massacre in the room. Carefully I folded it into the box to take it with me. Just as I was about to leave the room I sensed an energy pulse across the door frame which had left its owner’s imprint. A touch on the pulse and I knew who it was. “Judith”

Containing my anger I walked to Judith’s home only to find it empty. Her maid informed she had been away since morning with a cloaked man. Wondering who it could be I decide to walk to the training arena to check up on Angel.


Cearul was waiting in middle of the training ground waiting for me. Cursing I was late for my first training even after my promise to be on time. I hurried to stand in front of him. Even though he saw me, he didn’t talk but it appeared he was looking at a far off place. Few seconds later he saw me in my eyes and said “Come we need you to pick your weapon. It is going to be crash course not the way I like, but we are running short of time.”

I was so sick of everyone telling me of the imminent doom. All I wanted from life was a small apartment of my own, a family to call my own with handsome husband and two lovely kids. But what do I get, a gorgeous man right out of a fantasy novel and the dark dream which is ready to swallow my life and me. Sighing I followed Cearul to weapons room. I totally felt out-of-place, with gigantic angels sitting and talking to each other, sharpening and polishing their weapons. Apart from men, I also found few women much taller than me that I had to sprain my neck to look at them. Not wanting to shrink in fear I walked to my full height and masking my fear. Reaching a corner Cearul pointed me to array of various weapons lined along the wall. “Go on Solange, pick your weapon.”

I never even had managed to hold a needle in my hand for sewing, and look at the irony of my life, now I am looking for a weapon to learn the art of war. Gulping and not knowing which weapon to choose I moved forward. The minute I reached the weapons, I felt a tingling sensation in my hands as if something was beckoning me. Closing my eyes I tried to reach out the source of energy. And then I knew what I was looking for, it was as if lights were illuminating my path to the weapon which would become an integral part of me in next few days. It was beautiful set of bow and arrows with blue feathers, the same color of Ralf’s feathers. The minute I picked up quiver holding the arrows, it embodied itself on my back as if it was part of me and the bow was very light and just right height. It felt as if it was made especially for me. Picking it I looked back to find everyone staring at me with lot of respect on their faces. Cearul came near and got down on his knees; he took my hands and kissed knuckles before saying “Thank you for coming for us oh daughter of Athena”. Before I knew everyone in the room were on their knees with their heads bowed in front of me.

Cearul managed to take me away to the arena by ordering everyone back to what they were doing. Being obedient subjects everyone walked away without questions. We both walked back to arena and Cearul suggested me to warm up by running laps around the ground. I had always been jogging enthusiast and hence I managed to finish them without much hardship, but then came the hard part. Cearul asked me to pick my bow and find mark far away on the target and shoot. The first few shoots were lost with me trying to grip on how to shoot without hurting myself. After around fifty shoots my arrow finally managed to hit the target board but not the mark on target. This went on until late afternoon before Cearul called it break to rest. My shoulders were numb from shooting and my fingers were cut and bleeding for having held the bow-string tightly. Cearul took me to a shaded seat near the arena and took my hands. A warm sensation passed over my hands before the blood and pain was gone.


On my way towards the arena I felt someone’s presence. I closed my eyes to feel the presence of anyone who didn’t belong here and then the energy pulse hit me. It was pungent and full of black magic. Along with it I sensed Judith’s presence. Wanting to know with whom she was I moved swiftly and stealthily towards the energy. I had gone only few feet when Uriel joined me. He informed how Solange had picked the goddesses armor. It was a sign that she is the one whom everyone had been waiting for since Lucifer’s evil started spreading from his dungeon in hell with the help of black-ones. Towards the end of woods where the Empyrean ended we saw two people talking. One was in all white with her robe in shreds, and the one in front of her was standing still in his black robe covering his face. Not wanting them to presence us I cloaked us under an invisible shield listening to the conversion.

Malicious Form:

“You are worthless. I asked you to keep Raphael away from her, but you couldn’t even do that. If you wish for him to return to you, the girl has to go with me. I need her blood to fulfill my promise” Said the man in the black robe.

“I tried to stop him just as you had asked, but I do not know how he walked away from my spell.” Croaked Judith in fear

“You fool, the girl is his mate. Her blood calls to him. You can have him only if she dies.”

“Then let me kill her.”

“No” screamed the man with rasped voice. “Not until I am done with her. She is the key to all our problems. Only she can unlock my master from his cell. Look at her without my permission and you die.” Saying the man disappeared in black smoke.

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