Chapter 27


 The restlessness and events that led me to believe in angels, a handsome guardian who came into my life, who loved me for who I am, who promises to spend his life with twit of girl like me. All this happens only in cheesy romantic novels, I knew that because I read them but I was not ready to let go of this dream. It gave me solace from the dull life that I led. Life without purpose, life without real friends, and my entire existence felt of no consequence to me. I wanted to get away from it and sleep it off for the rest of eternity. But someone constantly kept disturbing me from my sleep. I stirred and felt I was sleeping on the softest of bed I had ever known. It did not feel like my room I had rented out with Lolo. I try opening my eyes, but blackness of the abyss kept pulling me into its depth. It felt as if it did not want me to leave. I was in this abyss for a reason. 


If I could go back in time, I would anytime take her place. My heart stopped the minute Kongamato dropped her, but I witnessed the most amazing transformation I had ever seen. A blanket of light engulfed her before she fell to rocky bottom. The light was so bright it lighted the whole sky in amalgam of colors. It had been more than forty-eight hours since Angel had gone into somnolence, a sleep when an angel metamorphosis takes place. This sleep does not last more than ten hours, but Solange was still lost to what was happening around her.  

No matter how much I try reaching out to her, she would not wake up. I had tried everything possible, but nothing seemed to work.  

“Raphael, you should get some rest, we will be here with Solange.” Said my mother

“No I am fine. I wish to be here when she wakes up.”

“At least you should go speak to the guardians, before they take off to find Melissa and Hecate.” Said dad

Nodding I walked out the room, stopping at the door to look at my Angel. Praying she would wake up as soon as possible I hurried to war room so that I could come back to her bedside immediately.

War Room:

“When do we leave Uriel, this should end this century. We cannot risk it this time?” expressed the guardians

“We will be leaving shortly. Raphael, our lord should be here to pass on his order for the mission. This is his mission and we will stand by his command.” Said Uriel, looking at the guardians in the room

I entered the room to stand before my friends and now fellow warriors, who would lay down their lives for our home Empyrean. “My fellow warriors, the time is fast approaching for us to put this war to end. It is not the time for me to give speech and words of wisdom, but I promise to join you all immediately, my brothers to stand along with you when we face our enemy. May goddess Athena guide you.”

Uriel stayed behind until all the guardians left the room. We shook hands before he left to hunt the Kongamato that attacked Angel. With promise to keep me posted as my first in command, Uriel joined the guardians.


No matter what I try I couldn’t seem to find a way out of this darkness and just like that a blinding light surrounded me.

“You know child, you are not trying enough to get away from this damned place?”

“Who said that?” I said finding myself standing amidst a thick forest with tall trees reaching the sky and thick bushes taller than I do.

“I said that if you want that fantasy with tall guardian to come true, you better get out of here and fix this mess.”

“Who are you? Show yourself.”

“Just like your mother. Stubborn and doesn’t take good advice.”  

“You know my mother?” I said turning back and forth trying to locate the voice

“Hmm… more than anyone else I suppose. I always knew she would never listen to my advice and stay away from that hot headed Michael. But their union brought you to us. Am glad she didn’t heed my advice.” Saying finally the person revealed herself to me. It was the most spectacular sight I had ever seen. In hues of red and blue light, the woman descended down as if she was climbing down the rainbow.

The woman appeared relaxed and too sure of herself. Just as I was accessing her she was also doing the same. I could feel it in my bones. After few moments, she came closer and took my hands palm up and looked at them. “You will have to do. Only you can stop this mayhem Lucifer will bring forth on Empyrean.”

“Why me?” I asked fearing what I might discover and if I was ready to understand why and what was happening to life.

“I know you are ready, but why do you doubt yourself and your abilities Solange?”

I hesitated a moment, what is the lady trying to say or if she was judging me. “I doubt everything because I am not sure what is happening and what is my role in all this. My whole life as I knew changed into a fantasy I would read in fictional novels. But to realize you are living it is daunting and overwhelming.”

The lady tugged my hand and turned towards the path that led deep into the forest. I hesitated for a second but the chance to learn who I was and what the purpose of my life pushed me to walk into the unknown. We reached a large clearing in the forest with a huge platform raised above the ground by six to seven feet. One moment we were walking and the next moment we were floating up towards it. The minute my naked feet touched the dais an unknown energy surged through me with images running in front of my eyes. It took me a second to realize it was a battle field. The image didn’t make sense until I saw my father fighting with the fierceness I would never have guessed anyone possessed. The intent on his face was clear; he wanted to save his loved ones. He was not alone in the fight but he was joined by a woman a little shorter than him, but her movements were fluid and ever strike brought the enemy to ground. The feelings that crossed my father’s face made me realize who it was. It was my mother. Their movements watching each other’s back and need to protect was visible on their face. The images stopped abruptly just as they had started. “It was my mother.” I said to no one in particular

“Yes dear, it is your mother and one of my favorite fighters I lost to your father and then to Lucifer.”

“What do you mean you lost? She can’t be dead. I need her alive.” I said hysterically

“Child, I want all my warriors with me at my abode, but your mother fell in love with your father. This was forbidden to amazon warriors and she walked away with your father only to bind herself to the safeguard which had locked Lucifer away for good. Someone tried to reverse the safeguard and your mother intercepted, but her opponent was too powerful so she took dire step and bound herself to safeguard that can only be removed by her blood. But with her bound to safeguard that’s not possible. Soon after that a seer announced of the arrival of a warrior who would grow up without the knowledge of the legacy of guardians and is the only hope of destroying the enemy who is trying to bring back Lucifer to this world.”


“Who is this warrior? Where can I find him? If this warrior is real then I need to find him to save my parents. Please tell me where can I find him?”

The lady looked at me, sat down on a throne and asked me to take seat next to her. A small pool of water formed in front of us. Ripples started forming in the center and started moving towards the end of pool and white smoke layer formed with image of a small town. A girl about age of five was playing near the beach and all of sudden she stopped and wadded into the sea. She looked towards the sky and waves started lifting with her hand movements and twirled around her. She directed the water towards the sky and that stream formed a path of ice. The girl floated on this path to the top and looked at the horizon calling out till her voice was sore. Suddenly the scene shifted to another time, the same girl was seen with many animals around her. She seemed to control their moment. Then it shifted to another time where a young girl in her teens was running along the beach tears running the down her cheeks. She fell down tripping on her legs. “Why I am like this?”

The scenes replayed over and over again. It was like a nightmare that would never stop. “Why are you showing me the memories I long buried.”

“Did you bury them or were you made to forget?”

I didn’t know what to say to that. “What do you mean? Who would make me forget?”

“Your mother Savitha bound your powers so that you would not be detected but it didn’t work, because you were able to use your powers. Gretchen is a very powerful witch of her times and even she had difficult time to help you control your powers. Only way she could do, was to make you forget the moments when you were using your powers. But she was not able to make you forget your empathic abilities, but was able to lessen its effect to extent that you were not overwhelmed.”

The silence that followed was deafening to my ears. My head started to spin, but I forced myself from fainting with the need to understand everything.

“You are the warrior; you will have to end this. Only you can save your mother. When the seer announced a warrior only born out of strong legacy can end this, she meant one who has the powers of two worlds in one. The one who can balance all her emotions and do what is needed to save the world.”

“I do not how do to save my mother let alone the world”

“Look here dear” she said pointing towards the pool again

It showed my training with Cearul. When I took the bow in hand, a white light surrounded me and it seemed I was able to direct the arrow where the target was. All the weapon arts seemed as if I was born into it. “I don’t know how I did that?” I said looking at the lady

“You were forged with the mettle of strong warrior and also with the heart which can never see anyone heart. You are born to your mother, but I was the one who gave you all that you needed to become what you are on your mother’s request. You are my warrior and I don’t like weak warriors.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. “Who are you?”

A flash blinded my eyes and it cleared as soon as it flashed, there stood warrior in her battle armor. The sight of her was beholding. “I am Athena”

I fell on my knees bowing to her without realizing my body was functioning on its accord. She touched my shoulder and I was dressed in armor similar to hers and my weapons appeared on a table next to us.

“You have only an hour before you return. Best use this time to practice your sword skills, if you wish to save your mother.”

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