Chapter 28


It had been more than three days since Solange had gone into somnolence. An angel didn’t stay in this condition more than few hours, but Solange didn’t show signs of coming out it even after so many days.

“Solange, please come back to me.”

“Raphael, you should not lose hope, she is a warrior unlike others are aware of. All her powers have burst out and it will take time for her body to accommodate the same” Said Gretchen walking into the room with bowl in her hands.

“What is that Gretchen?” I said not sure what she was planning to do

“This will help Angel to calm the turmoil she is going in somnolence.” Saying Gretchen applied the liquid on Solange’s face and hands with a cloth. The liquid immediately seeped into her body. Within few seconds her body started glowing like a ball of fire. Then her body started going into spasms. I rushed towards Solange fearing her body was on fire, but my mother held my hand asking me to stay still. Not able to watch Solange in her condition I walked out towards the war room.

War Room:

Reaching the war room Ralf, stripped to his workout pants and summoned his blue-knight, a sword that had been handed out through generations in Raphael’s family. Before his father was in possession of it and it was silver, but once Ralf proved his worth he inherited it. Once he touched the sword, which was silver turned blue complimenting his wings. Holding it above his body, he stood one leg and shifted his hand such that the blue-knight was parallel to his body. He jumped high more than ten feet wielding his sword with such power that the room swirled with white smoke twisting and moving with such high speed that all the weapons on shelf were down in a flash and powdered into dirt. Such was his power which he always kept under wrap, but today he wanted to unleash all his power.

“Raphael control your power now.” A voice boomed from the entrance of the room. But Raphael was beyond the reasonable state. Cearul opened his mind and tried to reach his son, finding his soul in a struggle to calm himself he sent out himself towards his son and flying just in front of Raphael, he placed his hand on Raphael’s forehead. In an instant, Raphael fell down losing consciousness. Conall was just in time to hold his grandchild before he hit the floor. Both Conall and Cearul carried Raphael to a makeshift bed in the war room. They summoned Moirin to help with Raphael.

Moirin held her grandson’s hand and closed her eyes. Raphael’s pain radiating so high, she worried if she could sooth him. Using all her energy she surged through his being and tried to bring peace to him. They let him stay in this unconscious state as he was very vulnerable to paroxysm and Solange was his anchor with whom he was not yet bonded.


For the first time I was sure what I was born to do. My goal seemed clear, stop Lucifer and release my mother from the bond she had put herself into for saving the world and for saving me. Just then I heard someone call out to me, telling me to come back to him. I couldn’t recognize the voice, but the pain touched my heart and it beat so hard that I was needed immediately.

“Concentrate Solange.” Called out Athena

“I am sorry, but I thought someone called to me.” I said taking my position and aiming the arrow at the target which was behind the ring of fire which spit fire blocking the view of target.

“I brought you here to prepare for the war that needs to stop before it actually starts because if Lucifer is free then everything you know will burn to ashes in hell.”

I heard and then I let the arrow fly marking its target. “Athena, you said I only had an hour here, but I am sure it has been more than that.” I stated

“Time means nothing on this realm. In earth realm it would be about few months and in Empyrean it would be around three days.”

I listened to what she said and controlled my frustration from showing because I felt coming here I had left something behind and the training I was going through had nothing to do free my mother and this feeling was gnawing at me as each second passed. Not wanting to let my fears and suspicion known I waited for an opportunity to identify the pull I felt, a voice that called out to me return back to him. His voice sounded so lonely, as if he was suffering my absence. My heart rammed so hard, but taking a breath I slowed to normal rhythm so that the woman although she claimed she was goddess Athena, but my subconscious started tp peel the fictitious layer around the whole episode I was trapped in. I needed to know if she indeed was the goddess.

“What are you thinking? You need to remember to be ready so that you can release your mother from the safe guard she got herself tangled in. Only your blood can release her.”

“I am ready. But if I try to release her won’t the safe guard also release Lucifer?”

“That’s why the training. You need to be ready to defend. Solange you need to understand to use this knife only to pour your blood, nothing will work” said Athena giving her a knife with ancient scriptures on it which I had never ever seen, but somehow I could read them. It strengthen by belief that the woman in front of me is the not the one who she claims to be.

I wanted to confront her, but before I did that I needed to find a way from this time loop I was stuck in. Taking the knife I placed in a holster on my side. Then I suddenly remembered my bow and arrow was not touched by her. If she really was the goddess she should have no problem holding it. But she told me look for them and they were summoned because I wanted them. Placing the arrow I aimed at the target and slowly turned pointing it at the woman in front who was in disguise of a goddess “Who the hell are you?”

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  1. granbee says:

    Wow–so many surprises yet to unfold. Who IS that disguised woman, indeed?


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