Chapter 32

Somewhere underground:

The girl was growing weak holding the image in the pool of water at the center of cave. Her legs were giving away, but she held on for the fear of being tortured was high than fainting. The image started to blur, Hecate pushed the girl aside and called out a spell of her own and the image shifted from the ruins to a dark place. The image remained a black spot with no sign of life in it. A voice came, a slow whisper full of sinister overwhelming the girl and even Hecate showed signs of fear,

“So what news do you have slave?”

Hecate bowed her head in fear of the voice and relayed the events of the past few days. Upon hearing about Solange, an angel whose somnolence she had invaded but failed to complete the task, the voice went silent, not even sound a breath which was frightening even Hecate. An arm snaked out of nowhere and wrapped itself around Hecate’s throat stopping airflow. “I never let the slaves live who fail in the mission assigned to them, so tell me why should I let you live”

“Master, please I can still be of use to you. Only I know the archangel who is wants you released.”

The voice laughed out loud, “You think I don’t hold the power to take the name from you?”

“No my master, you are the most powerful angel we know. The archangel is laying a trap for Raphael and he is walking right into it as we are talking. Then the girl will be ours to help open the safe guard to release you.”

The voice went silent, but the heavy breathing continued, “Hmmm, finish Raphael if you want to live” and then everything was gone from the pool. Only pristine water was lapping the edges of the pool, but the girl knew that the magic had left back few of its black tendrils and she would never dare touch the water again.

Hecate got up from the floor, where she had fallen down once the hand of the voice let go of its grip. Taking long breaths, Hecate looked around the cave floor trying to find the girl who huddled closer in fetal position to avoid the severe beatings she would soon be receiving. She had become the personal punching bag of Hecate and a now some of Melissa. Melissa had recently returned failed in a mission to kill a girl who Hecate had tried to kill entering before she turned angel. Both had failed in their missions and their anger was directed at the girl, who didn’t have choice but suffer as she was bound by the pledged to serve them in exchange for the life of her father. A decision she regretted since the day she had made.

Journey to Earth:

Raphael and Solange along with guardians were almost near the portal to earth when they received the message from Gabriel that he had reached the palace of arch angel Anitha and trying to find clue if Michael was last seen there. Deciding it was too early to enter the earth realm without any further information from Gabriel, the group decided to camp near the portal until further notice. Uriel promised to be in contact and join the group as soon as he heard from Gabriel and entered earth to pursue someone whose presence had been bothering since his visit to Ralf’s house in Shelter Cove.


As Ralf had said the small troupe of guardians had travelled at breakneck speed. Uriel and few young guardians had travelled ahead of others to reach the spots where they would be camping to ensure all the necessary arrangements were done. Solange realized on the first night itself that the arrangements for camp were made for her convenience. If they were travelling without her, they would have reached this camp two days ago. But she couldn’t feel guilty for having forced herself to join them as they didn’t realize they needed her to open the safeguard to free her mother and also lock Lucifer for good. As she was busy trying to draw pattern which may help to lock Lucifer in an endless loop in the mud sitting on a log near campfire, a young guardian approached her with a bowl in his hand.

“My lady, can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, and please call me Solange….”

“Irin my lady”

“Irin, what would you like to ask?”

“I heard you can see into what a person thinks and also what may have transpired before in his life.”

“Well, I have never really intentionally looked into someone’s past. Why do you ask?”

The guardian hesitated for only a moment and said “I wish you would see in my past, specific war.”

“Why do you want to know about war, Irin?”

“I need to know.” The guardian kept quiet, hoping I wouldn’t ask him, but upon my silence he started “I was hardly a lad, when the war broke out and my father who was serving the king went to fight in war and he returned a few days later. We were very happy to see him home safe, but it wasn’t really him. His body was shell for some witch had bound his soul. We didn’t know at that time, but on the night of his return, he murdered my mother and brother before coming after me. As he lifted with his vise like grip around my throat, Michael, your father came and rescued me. He tried to help my father, but he was long gone. His body fell down and it disintegrated into dust before it hit the floor. Michael took me in and brought me to the palace to king when he had return to earth. I wish to find this witch and make her pay for what she did. I want revenge from the witch for taking my family away from me.”

Taking Irin’s hand “Irin you didn’t see the witch so I am not sure if I can help.”

“Please my lady.”

Not knowing how to explain to him. I closed my hands around his, I closed my eyes and looked into thoughts. His thoughts were filled with fear, and vengeance. His fear was giving fuel to his vengeance. I looked past his vengeance into his childhood. He was a happy child who one day wanted to become a personal guard to the prince. I shifted through time and reached the time when Irin must have been around twelve years old. The events happened just the way he described. It was worse to witness it and for a lad to notice his parents murdered was a worst nightmare. Then I saw my father, trying to coax Irin’s father to drop the weapon in his hand. His eyes flickered and showed his soul which was struggling to obey father, n then I sensed the black magic which was surrounding Irin’s father and its presence became strong. I looked around trying to find the source only to come to stop in front of a hurdle but then as I was looking into Irin’s thoughts I saw it, rather saw her and I couldn’t believe who I was seeing.

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