Chapter 35


As Solange lay resting on the bed, I sat next to her while Uriel prepared the guardians for the fight ahead. Having seen Hecate and the girl who was her source of power, I vowed to end their lives and remove threat to Solange. Assiel brought a concoction for Solange and kept it next to her still body. Sitting next to her, she placed her hands on Solange’s forehead and heart and let her life source find a way into Solange. In this position Assiel or any healer who practices it would be vulnerable for attacks, so they were treasured and guarded. Within matter of seconds, Solange opened her eyes and looked at me smiling. I grabbed her and held her in a tight hug.

“Ralf, you’re crushing me.” Mumbled Solange

“Sorry. I didn’t realize it.”

“What happened Ralf?”

“Hecate attacked when I was away from the camp. She set the tent on fire with you and Assiel inside. Irin pulled you out.”

“Well I seem to be having nine lives to be getting away every time.” Solange said trying to inject some humor in the situation. When I didn’t respond she asked, “Why does Hecate hate me so much and keep attacking?”

“Hecate doesn’t hate you, she is attacking me. To hurt me would be to hurt who is dear to me.” I said feeling cursed to have not been able to stop any attacks on the love of my life till date

“Ralf, you saved me every time.”

“No, Angel. I wish I could give you a secure life.”

“Ralf I don’t need safe life, I wish to share mine with you with all dangers and happy moments it will offer us.”

Smiling I kissed her with promise to give her a happy life with no reason for danger to come near her.”

“Ralf, you cannot stop what is to happen in my life. You have to promise me that you will not put your life in danger to save mine.”

“I cannot do that. For us soul-mates are everything and our life is nothing without them.”

“It goes the same, other way back Ralf. You are my soul-mate just as I am yours. We are partners and every battle we face in life, we face together. You have to promise me this.”

Looking at the fierceness and love all at the same on her face, I had no choice to agree to her wish. But in my heart I knew I would lay my life for her if it comes to that. Asking Solange to rest I walked out to ascertain the situation.


As Ralf walked away, Assiel sat next me with a bowl of green liquid in her hands. “My lady, this will helping in healing.”

Taking the bowl, “Assiel, what did you do?”

“I don’t understand my lady?”

“I felt you sealing my wounds and holding my life source along with Ralf.”

“How did know that?” she asked astonished

“I felt Ralf with all time, but then I felt you. Your hands were burning with white light over my wounds.  I could see what you were doing. But what amazes me is the healing power of my body. How can it heal so fast? Since young I have healed fast but didn’t question it for fear of what I might learn.”

“My lady our cells regenerate very fast which increases our healing speed than a human. That is one of the reasons why we age slowly too and seem immortal.”

This was amazing. I asked Assiel to teach me how it is done. She was taken aback at first but agreed to teach few nuisances until I could get a hang of it.


“What is the update Uriel?”

“My prince, all our guardians are ready for your command. The portal is opened to Guilin. We will be entering the dungeons in Anita’s palace directly.” Addressing formally

“We will leave immediately. Uriel, along with four guardians scout the palace dungeons and find a place appropriate for Solange to rest. She needs to keep her strength.” I commanded.

Nodding Uriel along with Irin and three other guardians disappeared into the portal. Dagon, second in command to Uriel took charge to ensure guardians were ready to leave upon summons from Uriel. Assured the guardians were ready for the battle to come in few hours, I went looking for Solange. She sat under a tree with Assiel concentrating with her hands held together. At first I assumed she was resting, until I saw the glow in her hands. Solange was trying to attempt the out-of-body healing procedure. A guttural scream tore through my mouth before I sprinted towards Solange before she could hurt herself. The process was very difficult and there was possibility of losing the path to real world once the soul left the body. Before I could touch her, Assiel jumped in front of me stopping me in my path.

“My prince, it is too late to stop her. Her soul is already wandering the plain in attempt to understand this phenomenon.”

“How did she do it?” I asked not taking my eyes off Solange’s body resting against the tree trunk

“My lady said asked me to teach her. But I didn’t know she would be able to perform this feat immediately after witnessing me. It was like she always knew the chant and the process to leave her physical form.”

“Of course she would know. She was born with it.” Saying I sat next to her physical form, hoping she could see me

“Solange, please come back to me.” I said taking her hands in mine

“Ralf, I am always come when you call me.” Saying Solange kissed me brining tears to my eyes. How did I get so lucky, was the only thought that was swirling in my head until she lifted her face smiling at me

We sat along the tree trunk holding each other, waiting for word from Uriel. “Ralf?”


When Solange didn’t reply immediately I lifted her chin to look at me and said, “Solange what troubles your darling?”

“I think I know how to save my mother and also lock Lucifer at the same time.”

“That’s wonderful. How can you do it?”

“I will have to leave my physical form after shedding my blood on the safe guard to unravel it to release mother and also to close it again to lock Lucifer.”

“Why do I feel I am not going to like what I hear next?”

“Ralf, I am not sure if it will work. I just hope it will.”

“Then, we will find another way of saving your mother.”

“You know it’s the only way Ralf.”

“No, it cannot be.”

“Ralf, I just found you and don’t plan to lose you. I am selfish enough to want my life with you and don’t plan to sacrifice myself. But I need you to anchor me to our world. Can you do that?”

“Always baby. You know I will always.”

“Good, let’s get this over and go home.”

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