Chapter 36

In the dungeons:

Uriel and guardians moved stealthy along the dungeons in Anita’s palace. Uriel was holding a shield around his team so that their presence was not sensed. They moved towards the lower depths of dungeons monitoring the cells occupied with criminals in Anita’s eyes. As they passed the third level in, something caught at this heart. The pull was so strong that he deviated from plan and took turn towards the depth of the cells, but Irin forced him back on track reminding of Ralf’s command to find a secure place for Solange and Ralf.

Irin was following Ralf and Uriel’s command, but he was unable to understand how the dungeons they were scouting will help to keep safe his lady Solange. He kept his questions to himself for the time was crucial. Reaching the fourth level in the underground dungeon, Uriel moved to the quarter’s that were especially set up for the soldiers guarding the inner sanctum that Anita had kept hidden even from the council and the arch angels. She had revealed about to Uriel in the heat of passion when she had tried to seduce Uriel few decades ago. Reaching the security post in the dungeons, the group divided into and stood in attack formation. Keeping his sword out of axe, Uriel walked to the post heavy doors and knocked. Uriel knew the exact spot to knock for the door seemed like an empty wall running along the dungeon for there were no soldiers guarding the entrance from the dungeons, but were posted on the other side of the door. He had never been able to decipher why so, but he swore today this mystery would be revealed to him. There was no answer to his knock immediately, so he raised his hand to bang again, when the door, rather an entire wall strained to open, throwing dust on the guardians. This spray dust confirmed the fact that this access door had not been opened for long time. Ensuring they were out of sight all guardians stood flat next to the wall as it groaned to open. The dust settled and two soldiers walked towards Uriel who stood facing them with his weapon ready and his wings close behind his back

“Who are you? Did her highness Anita send a message for us?” asked one of the soldiers who seemed to be the commander of the post.

“Yes, her majesty has asked us to relieve from the post. You all have done a great service to her and she wishes to reward you.”

A soldier behind the commander snorted and whispered, “So, finally the witch remembers our services or does she plan to relieve us from our lives like previous group.”

Uriel heard and smiled inwardly but replied with utter calmness, “Anita, her majesty has no say in this. This order comes directly from prince of Empyrean, Raphael Armstrong. Do you wish to displease him? You are released to go to your families or stay back in his service. Choice is yours.”

“How do you we know what you say is the truth?”

Laughing Uriel said “How do you not know the red winged angel, who didn’t spare the arch angels who went against his king’s wishes?” unfurling his wings and lifting himself above the ground a few feet. . The sight was fearful and at the same time mesmerizing. His red wings, looked covered as if they were coated the blood of all those who dared to cross him and to a certain extent it was true.

The post commander immediately fell to his knee and the door fell open for all the guardians. As Uriel and guardians crossed the threshold to other side, they were astonished at the sight that greeted them.  The post was across a huge mountain side, rising to several thousand feet above the ground and many soldiers were posted across various small posts built till the top. The commander promised to give a tour to Uriel and took them to a large dining area. Upon seating Uriel and his guardians, he narrated about their difficulties in guarding the post along the mountain. They were not aware what they were guarding, but Anita wouldn’t accept any kind of negligence in the security across this mountain. Many a times she would show up to ensure but mostly her aid, a woman they were not aware off would come along with a young girl hardly out of her teens and visit the inner depths of a cave which was on the northern side of the mountain. He further said “Every time she shows up, the mountain shakes with such ferocity that expect to fall and bury us live”

Nodding Uriel asked the commander to let his men rest before they start helping the soldiers in manning the post. Accepting the offer, the commander walked away with promise to have food and wine on table for Uriel’s men.

“How can we trust him or anyone here?” asked Irin as soon as the commander left

Uriel was silent for so long that Irin gave up receiving any reply and turned to walk away, before Uriel spoke. “I know they speak the truth, because I can deception a mile away. From twenty men who are laboring to keep this place secure for Anita have lost their purpose in and if Ralf is pleased, their plight could come to end.” Not waiting for Irin to reply Uriel commanded him to scout the post if it was suitable for lady Solange.


The post we reached was to be reckoned with. We arrived at post a few hours after receiving Uriel’s message to Ralf, that the most secure place was within the post that Anita was guarding for, she was over confident that no external threats could get past her planning. But she forgot to factor in, the kindness towards her own soldiers which would be her downfall.

As I sat in a room which was walled against the mountain, a knock sounded on the door. Assiel answered, who refused to leave my side for it were Ralf’s orders. I didn’t know how I was going to survive this intense love of Ralf. Thanking the higher power for having brought him to my life, I walked towards the door. A soldier stood at the door requesting for my attendance at the dining hall upon summons from his price Raphael. “Please pass on my message that, I will be in the dining hall…” even before I could finish my sentence an intense coursed through my body, forcing me to the ground.


“My prince, please hurry, my lady is not well. She fell to room’s floor holding her mid section and blood is flowing freely from her nose” shouted the soldier on the run towards me in the dining hall where I was awaiting Solange’s arrival. Hearing him I flew towards the room where Solange was housed. I entered the room on the run to find Assiel struggling to help Solange, who was rolling on the floor uncontrollably. Sitting down on the floor, I pulled her into my chest placing kisses on her hair, promising everything will be good and I would make it so. Her shudders slowly down, but tears kept leaving a trail on unblemished face.

“Ralf, I can feel something evil. This evil has no goodness in it. Every criminal I had come across had some goodness in them, but they used in most perverted way. But this feeling is daunting. This someone has no soul, as if there is void and is not capable performing any good.”

“Shh…. Solange now is not time to read your surroundings. You gave me a scare. Rest we will talk later.” Saying I lifted her to the bunk bed on the far corner of the room. As I tucked blanket around her “Ralf, please stay with me. Do not leave me.” She said before exhaustion took her over

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