Chapter 37


Solange slept, but her eyelids were trembling continuously as if she was seeing a nightmare. I held her letting it seep into her body and consciousness that I was with her. Assiel applied medicinal oil to Solange’s feet, massaging the pressure points. I watched in silence as Assiel worked the oil into Solange’s feet and prayed that Assiel’s medication will heal my mate.


“Solange, my child, wake up. Please help your father.”

“What happened to father? Who are you?”

“Child, there is no time. You must hurry. I cannot help your father, for if I do Lucifer will be free.”

That made me take notice of where I was and what I was witnessing, only to realize my body lay on the make shift mattress on the floor of a barrack. I didn’t know how, but I knew I was dream walking and someone powerful had ensured I was in this state. Not knowing the rules of dream walking, I wandered out towards the only door standing on the far corner of the room. I tried to open the door only see my hand pass through the door knob as if it was not present, even though I could see it. Amazed and aghast at the situation I tried again, only to realize my hand would pass through the solid wall. Taking a deep breath I walked through the wall, with my eyes shut tightly. As I passed through the solid wall, it felt my body was being sucked by million molecules trying to squeeze my movement. A second I was inside and the next I was standing upon a long walkway which circled along a mountain with gorge right in the middle.  Walking towards the stairs, I looked around realizing the room I was in was a cave, which was converted into a barrack just like other caves along the mountain. The stairs I descended curved along the mountain wall cool against my fingers, but time to time from the center of gorge a small spray of hot water would rise up making a hissing sound as its water sprayed along the cool wet mountain wall. And suddenly the call came again, “Daughter, you must come for your father. Hurry there is no time.” As I hurried towards the voice drawn by its compulsion, I heard Ralf call for me. “Darling, please open your eyes.”

I turned to his voice and walked back up the mountain towards the barrack, but heard the voice of woman calling “No, you must come down the mountain and help your father. Hurry down now.” The sweet sounding suddenly lost its compulsion and harsher tone revealed the black magic behind it and the source of call. It became clear as a day that Melissa along with Hecate was weaving a spell around me, trying to trap me in this formless state. Realizing their intent, I closed my eyes and willed myself in the room with Ralf praying it would work. Within flash I was standing next to the makeshift bed where my body lay. As I approached Ralf lifted his head saw my formless state and addressed, “Solange, how do you dream walk?”

Looking at physical form on mattress and Ralf I replied, “I don’t. I am not sure how I came into this state. I heard a voice which kept repeating that father was in danger and I needed to get to him immediately. It urged me it was my mother calling for father. When you called, the magic wore down to reveal that it was Hecate and Melissa. Now I am not sure what I do in this form.”

Reaching for my hand, Ralf said “There is nothing you do, but return to your physical form so that we can find these witches and put an end to this war and go home.” As soon as his hand touched mine a jolt went through my body forming a white light which cascaded around me lifting my form towards my body. After that everything felt dark, until I woke up to light caress on my lips. My eyes fluttered open with longing forming in me for more, to find Ralf’s face with the promise to fulfill my need. He lifted me off the bed into his arms, placing kisses on my forehead before cupping my face to kiss me gently fearing I would break with the intensity of his need. Wanting to break his control, I lifted my arms and pulled myself up letting my heart and mind open to his to show him, the need I felt for him. Sensing my feelings he pulled me closer increasing the pressure of his lips on mine. Time suddenly stood still as we explored each other’s intense feelings, only to be disturbed by commotion at the door.

“Once this war is settled, I am taking you away where no one can disturb us.” Growled Ralf before releasing me from his embrace making me giggle. Happiness spread through me that I wanted to jump down the bed and do a happy jig.


I wanted to hit the person, who disturbed us but the sudden ominous feeling spread through the closed door and I pulled it open, to find Uriel standing with burden in his hands. He entered the door and very gently placed the small girl in his arms on the bed calling for Assiel. Seeing the girl, Solange approached her at once, checking for pulse and wiping the droplets of blood on the girl’s forehead. I sat next to the girl and Assiel opened her satchel of medication. Taking the girl’s hand I checked for her pulse which was erratic and the droplets of blood on forehead meant only thing. The girl had used her gifts beyond her capability till the point it started harming her. “Prince, you should let me heal the poor child. You need to keep your strength if we are attacked.” Said Assiel as I began the healing procedure

I couldn’t afford to place Solange’s life in danger, so nodding my agreement I moved to stand next to my beloved. Solange put her hand across my waist holding me closer, brining joy to my whole being, to see her trust me to keep her safe and happy. Assiel began the lengthy healing process, with Uriel just behind her to support if she needed help. As Assiel healed the girl, Solange whispered to me that it was the same girl, who had attacked our camp and helped Hecate to escape before she could be caught by guardians in Empyrean.

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