Chapter 39


Healing the broken body of Michael had taken a toll on me to the extent that we retired for next few hours so that I could recuperate and recover my strength.  After what felt like an eternity I woke up to find a total silence loud with doom screaming its victory. I reached out to Solange with our bond though not fully completed yet, but all I found was black hole whose depth just kept dragging me into an abyss. Fighting abyss I jumped out the makeshift bed and walked out the alcove I was in, to find the cave empty. There was no sign of the guardians, nor Uriel or Michael. Fear clutched my heart and again I reached out to Solange running towards the bend where I had found Michael few hours ago only to find it deserted too. Suddenly someone screamed from behind “My Prince, you must come quickly.”

“Irin, what is wrong? Where is Solange and others?”

“My Prince, you must come immediately. My lady is lost to us in the internal chamber.”

I knew not what the howl was but it came out from my mouth as soon as I heard Irin utter the words I was afraid to hear since we started on this journey. With inhuman speed I reached the entrance of the chamber where Uriel, Assiel, Michael along with other guardians were waiting anxiously.  Upon spotting me everyone gave way to reveal a body lying on its side on the floor just in front of a stone door riddled with many safe guards I had never seen before.  As I kneeled next to the body turning it, my hands trembled bringing my fears to reality to find Solange’s body lying lifeless. I shook her calling her name, begging her to come back to me, but her body lay devoid of life, looking pale.

“Raphael, control yourself my brother. She is alive. She has managed to unravel the guards on the door. Only she can do it as she possesses her mother’s ability to unravel the wards placed in space.”

“Did you tell her that?” I questioned Michael

“Yes” Replied Michael with guilt and concern crossing his features at same time making me ashamed for having doubted my brother. He must know what he is doing and it is not right of to question him. But the concern for Solange was overriding my common sense. Knowing there was nothing I could do but try and reach her telepathically, I sat down cross legged with her head resting my lap.


I knew there was no other way. Ralf would have never let me come if he had heard the dangers that I may face to free mother. Father was tight lipped after first slip about how to unravel the wards on the door. But he was not even near in his prediction on how to unravel the wards. Mother had been clever to use the reverse format than what father talked about. The first ward, the toughest on the door to work in formless state and going with wrong start point. But the ward glowed the minute I found the noose drawn to mislead. Immediately after the first one I had to unravel many small wards placed all along the door as if the person drawing it was in hurry and didn’t take lot of care in drawing them.

As I moved slowly in my formless state along the passage, I felt Ralf’s presence and his sorrow was shattering my heart, but my resolve to have good life without worrying about Lucifer. With that thought foremost I moved ahead in the space unraveling the small wards placed into nothingness. I would have missed them if not for the warning father gave me. Mother was good at drawing wards on nothing but space which actually strengthen her actual ward on a doorway and stopped the unsocial elements where they were not welcomed. I flew across the smallest of the caves and I was thankful for the state I was in else it would have been impossible to penetrate to the depth I was in now. The cave was illuminated by the luminous algae along the walls of the cave giving it a ghostly appearance. As I circled around the cave walls I found there was only entrance to the cave and nowhere else to go. I felt lost not knowing what I needed to do or go next when I suddenly felt a presence in the cave. I cautiously made myself one with the cave becoming immaterial, just by thinking about the way I should hide. As I lay waiting in anticipation someone of small stature materialized inside the cave right at the center and shook of the hood from its head. As hood fell, thick black hair tumbled down hiding the face, in order to see better I moved slightly but lost my footing on the small stone lodged on the cake wall only to tumble in heap at the person’s feet.  As I pushed my hair away from my hair thinking how to defend myself, I saw a hand palm up in front my face in a helping gesture. I looked up to a replica of my face staring back at me with only difference in eye color. As the black orbs started back at me, I stood up slowly to be standing few inches above the woman in front of me. Before I could recollect my thoughts, she said “How are you my child, Solange. I never hoped to see you.”

I knew not how, but I knew the lady in front of me was my mother and not any illusion created by Lucifer. Her presence was so soothing that I forgot about my formless state and was surprised to touch her hands and feel her. And that instant I hugged her crying out “Oh thank you god. Mama oh you have no idea how many nights I prayed for him to return to me. I would question him if I was not a good girl for he had taken you away from me. How many times I prayed that you didn’t leave me because I was not a good child.”

“Oh my poor child, if I could I would have never left you. I have regretted the moment I had to leave you every minute of my life.”

Suddenly as I was hugging mother I realized my form able to touch physical objects apart from wards alone as before. As the confusion crossed across my face,

“You are in alternate dimension which gives you physical form until you walk back through the cave you entered. Come we must leave this place else our presence will be known to Lucifer.”

We both walked towards the cave wall and a small door slide open which I had not noticed when I had entered the cave. We slide down to floor on all fours and crawled for few minutes in the dark before I saw small streams of light streaming through the opening mother had stepped out. As I reached the edge, the tunnel opened up to few steps taking me down into a corridor with two doors etched into the cave wall. Mother waited for me at the second door. As I approached she drew a pattern across it and the door slid through to lead us into a small room lit with scented candles and mirror at one corner of the room with some kind of root hanging over it. As I was observing the room, mother explained that she had to cast spells in order to keep my presence unknown to Lucifer but looks like she failed.

“No mama, if not for you, I would never have been here.” I said holding her hand thanking god again for these moments.

Smiling Mama pulled me to chair and as I sat she started whispering a chant. Instead scaring me, the chant sounded musical to my ears. She picked few leaves and roots from a basket and ran them down along my body before throwing into fire which lit as she waved her hand slightly on the bowl. I watched mesmerized at every step she did, before unconsciousness took over and I fell down from the chair.

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