Chapter 4

It had been ages since I have slept peacefully and get full rest. Being a warrior I had always been a light sleeper and slightest of sounds would put me in attention, battle ready. Not last night though, even though I was drifting in and out of sleep. Her face, it was all I could dream about. “Dream, oh my gosh! When did this happen?, I have found my soul, my heart.”

“How is it that I never recognized it the minute I saw her.” “Damn when did I become a mumbling fool, talking to myself aloud. I would never hear the end of this if Gabe found out.”

Then I remembered her scarred eyes when she ran away from the bistro. “Well I am not that scary that she needs to run away. Am I?”

“Hmm anyone will run away if they saw me talking to my reflection and asking for opinion. I better get expert’s advice”. You see this is the problem if I went to expert then it will be broadcasted all over home and the entire family will descend upon me and it would be a very very bad situation and big mess to clean up after.

“Hello, Caitlin?”

“Hey Ralf, how are you? How is the new world treating you?”

“It’s exquisite, colorful, maybe I will settle back here” I said smiling.

“Seriously Ralf, are you alright, did you hit your head on your flight down there?”

“Nope, but I know you love to hit me though. But right now I need your match making skills, don’t worry I will not tell Gabe only if you promise to keep this conversation between us?”

“You are so mean; you dangle a juicy fruit in front of me with my mouth plastered close. Hmm any way I am too curious how come the mighty Raphael needs this match maker’s help. So who is this new girl you having trouble with?”

“Caitlin, that’s the problem. She is not just any girl. She is the one.”

“Ralf stop fooling around, I don’t want to be part of your pranks.”

“No Caitlin, it’s the truth. She is the one. I swear on everything holy”

“Oh my God, you found her. I am so happy for you. Wait till everyone hears it.”

“No no, you have to swear not to tell anyone.”

“Ok. But why?”

“You know how everyone is and I need some time alone with her, to get to know her.”

“Oh, I can keep secret from others but not Gabriel. You know that”

“Ya you can tell him, but no one else.”

“Ok.  So what do you need my help for?”

“Tell me how can I talk to her without having her run away at first sight of me?”

“You are having trouble to talk to girl? Never had that problem before and broke so many hearts”

“Caitlin, please tell me or I am hanging up. I will find some way on my own”

“That’s it; you need to find your own way. It’s not one day affair, if the way you are feeling is true then she is your soul mate and you need to find your own path down this road. No matter how many suggestions others or me will give, they will not help.”

“Hmm.. if that was it, I could have kept it to myself and not tell you”

“But Ralf dear you need us. May be not now but in future you will need all of us.” Caitlin said grimly.

“Caitlin, did you have a vision just now?” I asked very worried. “Do you need me to return right away?”

“No no, I mean you don’t need to come now. It is time for you to know her. It’s her battle in which we all are needed”.

“What are you talking about?” I asked going into full attention.

“You know I can’t tell you and anyway I couldn’t see when or why as I have yet to see her personally. Just one word of caution, she is scarred and would need your full support. Don’t push her”

“Ok. Thanks Caity.”

“Take care Ralf. Of all the dames here you had to find your mate on earth. Poor dear, you are in for a roller coaster ride. Enjoy it”

Hanging up on Caitlin I was so worried how to handle whatever battle she will be facing in her future and how will she handle my truth. So I decided may be best course of action would be to be just “Ralf Duncan” not “Rafael the mighty”.

The first course of action would be to find out who she is and best way to get to know her. “Where should I start?” “Church” it just popped into my head. “Father Smith has to know who she is.” Thinking aloud I got ready to leave immediately for the town. The ride was relaxing. The scenic beauty along my property was awesome and it felt I could stay here forever. Along the curve leading me to main road, I stopped to let a herd of sheep cross and I saw someone sitting along cliff reading. My heart was racing telling me it’s her. I turned around fully to make sure but the spot was empty. “Am I seeing her with my eyes open? Oh I better remedy it soon. Find her ASAP.”

I drove to church in record time only to find Father Smith was in confessional so decided to check out the shops in the town. Strolling down the road, I heard someone call my name. I checked to my left to find the old lady from yesterday. What was her name…oh Mrs. Evans. Crossing the road I reached a small Victorian style home which was turned into quilt house. “Mrs. Evans, How are you?”

“Call me Martha my boy. I am good. So how did you find our community? Is it very different from your Ranch back south?”

“It’s wonderful here Martha. Everything is beautiful, just like all the beautiful ladies sitting here with you. Would be kind enough to introduce me please?”

“He is charmer alright Martha. You are right about that.” The middle aged lady who was with my mate at church said.

“Ralf Duncan, Mademoiselle. May I have the honor of you knowing you?” I said taking her hand to shake. I decided then and there to know Ms. Wilson better and possibly it will lead me to know her.

“Ms. Wilson, but you can call me Gretchen” She said smiling.

It turns out the old girls were anything but ancient or feeble minded. My ears were burned and my face had turned red with embarrassment listening to their gossip about one and all in the town.  I had lunch with them and helped them stack up the quilts they worked on for the day before mustering enough courage to ask Gretchen about her.

“Gretchen, It was you and a young lady I saw at the church yesterday right?”

“Yes dear. I and Angel were talking to Father Smith when you came by.”

Oh her name fits her. She is my Angel. Fate has a weird sense of humor “An Angel’s angel”.

“Father Smith had invited me to visit so that he can introduce me to all, but it was late night so couldn’t reach for service.”

“Oh that’s ok. You should come to the town gathering next weekend. We will introduce you to all”.

“Thank you, Gretchen that’s kind of you.”

It’s now or never so place my plan into action I thought.

“I don’t see Miss. Angel here” I asked feeling shy and embarrassed at the same time.

“Oh Angel, she left for the city today morning and her name is Solange but we all call her Angel”.

“Solange, that’s a very pretty name. Will she be back any time soon?” I asked having lost all hope of finding her.

“She will back a day before the gathering and you should tell her yourself that you like her name.” She said smiling mischievously.

“Oh my! She knows” that’s I all could think when I saw the sparkle in her eyes and to my utter amazement she said “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me Rafael Armstrong. I am glad you came for her. It’s about time you came.”

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