Chapter 5

“Good morning Professor” I called from the door while entering Dr. Mac’s office. “Solange, morning! How was your weekend? I wasn’t expecting to see until the end of next week.”

“My weekend was very relaxing. Thank you Sir. I actually came to see you about the research.”

“Yes, yes how is it coming along? Anything interesting you came across?”

“That’s the problem , every book I read and check, all I see is different sentences but same meaning and saying either Angels’ are God’s creations and have no form or just discarded as myth”

“But you do not think so. Why?”

“I don’t know but whenever I think about all the little mysteries which we experience sometime in our lives, I feel there is some mystical power in play and it strengths my belief in Angels”.

“Then what is stopping you from finding out what you wish to learn?”

“It’s just that all the books and reading material don’t seem to be giving me the right picture and I seem to be running in circles.”

“Hmmm..I have a very good friend of my mine who is probably best to help you. He is pastor right here in the city church. He doesn’t take any visitors due to his busy schedule at church, but I will put in a word for you. Just stop by there and ask for Father John Paul.”

“Oh.. Thank you Professor.  I will see Father John tomorrow.”

“Solange, when is your report due?”

“I should submit the research by end of June before next semester ends and final report is due in December.”

“An advise, do not be disappointed by what you find in your research. Everything in this world is not as we perceive them to be. There is an underlying purpose for everything for the way they are created by the Supreme Being”.

I was stunned by what the Professor said. It felt as if he knew what I was trying to understand and telling me to keep faith in reality and the unknown will come to me. All I could say to him after that was a simple “Thank you”.

Dr. Mac: 

As she walked out my office, I could feel my heart ache to know I could not remove the fear which she always felt and very visible in her beautiful hazel eyes. “My dear daughter! Oh how I wish we could be together again. But the time is yet to come. It will come soon. I promise. But before I can fulfill that promise I need to find your mother.”


Driving down towards my room in the city I was thinking that it was good I came directly to the University and tomorrow my visit to Father John should give me a sense of direction I need to take to achieve my research goal, just then my phone started ringing and as I was pulling my car to side of road, I had feeling of being watched, but it was not like what I felt when my tall dark stranger saw me at the church but this rather felt like contempt and full of hatred. I stopped the car and looked along the road sides to see if someone was watching me but I couldn’t find anyone. The feeling went just as it came in a matter of seconds. My phone’s ring brought me back to present and I looked to see my aunt calling me. It was odd, she knew I would call car once I had reached my apartment. She would have called only if it was something very important.

“Hello Aunt, is everything alright?”

“Yes Angel. I just called to check with you if you are coming home for the weekend.”

“Of course, You know that I will be back possibly before that. What is the matter?” “Do you need me to return home tomorrow?”

“No no don’t worry about it. I was just wondering if you still needed help with your research because I just met someone who could be very valuable and big help to you.”

“Oh that’s great news. I am actually going to see a pastor here tomorrow. Dr. Mac highly recommended him. By the way who are you are talking about? Since I left I am sure no one in Shelter Cove knows much about my research.”

“He is new in town.”

“Aunt Gretchen, You didn’t”

“I didn’t what dear. I don’t know what you are talking about?”

“Aunt I know you very well. There is no one new in Cove except Mr. Ralf”

“Oh so you did hear us talk about him”

“Well I didn’t eavesdrop on you gals if that’s what you mean, but heard it in passing while setting the table.”

“You are such a bad liar my dear” My aunt said laughing and I could hear snickering in the background.

“Aunt, who is with you?” I asked completely astonished she would be teasing me when someone was home with her.

“No one dear. I am glad to know you will be back soon. See you then.”

“Aunt Wait” But she had hung up on me. “Oh she is really up to something. Better not be planning to set me up for a date with someone on gathering day.”

Slowly merging with the traffic I made my way to my apartment. Parking the car in the garage I started walking up the stairs and the feeling came back again. It was like as if someone wanted to hurt me. I turned to find the staircase empty. I was alone. This time the feeling wouldn’t go away. My intuitions had always kept me out of trouble and I trusted them now too. I ran up rest of stairs until I reached the door. In my hurry I opened my door only to walk in on Lolitha with Josh on the sofa. I immediately turned around closing my eyes calling to them “Sorry guys, I thought you will be at work so didn’t think it necessary to call before.”

“It’s ok Solange. We were just watching TV. We decided to get an extra day off from work to relax together.” Josh said.

“Ya right, relax!!” I said teasing both and Lolo was crimson red blushing to her toes and controlling her laughter hiding behind Josh.

“I will give you both some privacy.” Saying I walked into my room and closed the door behind me.

Lolitha and I were roommates since freshman year at the University. On the first day of freshman year she came and sat next to me during the orientation and was grumbling about guys being idiots, thinking all girls were meant to smile, bat their lashes and listen to them like some love sick puppy And I said “I am with you on that” and it was the day I found my best friend. Despite what she said, Lolo had always been a big romantic and would say every girl has her own knight in shining armor who would one day come riding down the road and sweep her off her feet. We always ended up locking our heads over her blind romanticism and my world sense.  I was not a believer in love but felt relationships developed over time, based on mutual interests. There is no such thing as “love at first sight”. But, not Lolo. She believed “Love is everything which is holding the world together”.

As I was looking through my notes Lolo knocked on my door. “Come in”

“Hey, how was your weekend?”

“It was interesting.”

“I thought you were not coming back until end of the break. What happened?”

“I had to meet Dr. Mac regarding my research.”

“But its semester break, couldn’t you try to relax for once Angel”.

“Haha did I break yours and Josh’s little adventure. Don’t worry I will be out of here soon. I am driving back to Shelter Cove once my appointment is over tomorrow.”

“You know I didn’t mean it that way. It’s your home too.” Lolo said feeling sad.

“I was just pulling your leg. It’s nothing big of deal. Anyway you guys need some time alone too. I can’t fathom how you both stand each other”. I said teasing her and she started laughing saying “ya me too. No idea how we do it. May be its love!!!” falling on my bed dramatically putting one hand over head saying “oh what I am to do now”

I suddenly fell silent. Lolo looked at me and stopped laughing and asked “Angel what happened, you look like you saw a ghost?”

“Lolo how do you know when you are in love?” I asked not realizing where that came from. I was never the one to ponder on anything so trivial.

Lolo just looked at me with her eyes going big and I feared they would bulge out of her sockets. She said touching my forehead “Did the sun rise from the wrong side. Solange is asking about love. Something is definitely wrong.  Do you have fever?.”

Slapping her hand off I said “Stop it. I was just curious”

“Nah gal, not you. You could be curious how the world as we know came into existence, or where did the gargoyles come from or if angels are myth, not love.”

“Haha Very funny”

“Tell me who is he, where did you see him?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The guy, who finally made you curious about love. Out with it now or I will call Josh to come back and then you will have to deal with both of us forcing it out of you. Your choice”

“You know you are mean and bully”

“I have been called worse. Now out with it.”

“You called worse, the queen bee of the University.”

“Stop changing the topic. Now will you tell me, I am asking nicely.”

“It is nothing. It’s just that this new guy shifted to Shelter Cove and I have never felt this way before about anybody else.” We spoke late into the evening and once when I was done telling her everything that happened on the weekend. Lolo started laughing and crushed me into a tight hug and said “Oh my darling Angel, you have fallen in love and at first sight.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and think, “is she right. Is this really happening to me?”

Lolo’s phone rang and she mouthed it was Josh walking out of my room. She called from kitchen saying he is getting pizza for dinner. We three spoke late into night, until exhaustion took over and we fell asleep.


On top of a building:

Sitting on the top of the building someone saw all that was happening at Solange’s apartment planning when to make his move to capture her. The girl was important to execute his master’s plan.

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