Chapter 6

The sunset was beautiful across the wide ocean, turning its green blue color to gray and slowly to black, looking I realize “there is darkness after light but light illuminates our path after dark” just like a night after a day and day after night. Every time I think of how everything in the world is created to balance. Light-Dark, Day-Night, White-Black. Every yin has its yang, like for every man there is woman completing the circle of life and this thought brought me the image of Ralf in front of my eyes, my tall, dark, handsome stranger before, the alarm on my bed stand went off forcing me to break away from my dream.

While getting ready to go to church I look into mirror, and realize we were complete opposites. Him at Six foot 4 inches with god like features and honey colored eyes and strong athletic body where as I was five foot six inches, dark Indian skin, black hair with hint of red streaks, and hazel brown eyes. I inherited my features from my Indian mother but my strength and endurance from my dad. Aunt Gretchen told me my I looked very much like my mom, but all my actions and behavior reminded her of my dad. I felt conscious of my dark skin, height and overall appearance, which never bothered me before.

Gym was not a place for me, I preferred outdoors to cramped place, with strong dose of room freshener used to cover the smell of sweat from all the patrons. Hiking, Swimming and Rock Climbing were my secret for staying fit. Since I moved to city, I miss the work out but I do enjoy the jog along the Golden Gate Bridge early in the mornings when fog forms a blanket across it, but today I have to forgo this pleasure and be on my way to the church for my appointment with Father John.

As I walk out my room towards kitchen to grab some breakfast, I see Josh making coffee and toast for Lolo who as usual was still in bed.

“Hey Angel, care for some breakfast?”

“Thanks Josh, only coffee for me today. Need to be at the Church in 30 minutes.”

“Here you go” said Josh placing my mug in front of me.

The fragrance of the freshly brewed coffee was so intoxicating. “Thank you, you know you are a good catch. Lolo is lucky girl” I said teasing Josh.

“Hmm, nah I am the lucky one. Don’t tell her else I will never get my way with her”

 I spilled my coffee hear him say that. ” Oh Oh..You are such a tease, by the way you guys coming on weekend to Cove right?”

“On one promise” said Lolo from behind me, walking towards Josh greeting him with kiss on his cheek.

“What?” I asked worried thinking what these two are up to now?

“That you will sing at the gathering and introduce us to Ralf.”

“First one I can think about it, second forget it. I myself haven’t spoken to him, no way can I introduce you and anyway I am not his type.”

“And how do you know that?” said Lolo with her stern look telling me not this again.

“Well you will know when you will see him.” I said washing my mug.

“You know Angel, you underestimate yourself very much. Doesn’t she Josh”

“Well, Solange, I think Lolo is correct. Any guy would be happy to be with you.” Josh said smiling.

“I am not exactly the kind of girl, guys would want to be seen out with” I said looking at my watch.

Josh laughed out loud on my face and said “Actually my dear, you very much are, but you are too busy behind your books to notice the guys walking past you just to try to talk.”

I was stunned a second and didn’t know what to say and just took easy way out “I got to go, else I will be late. I will see you both on weekend”.

Walking to garage, I noticed my car window was down, but I remembered closing it last night. Immediately I checked if anything from inside the car was stolen and found everything exactly as it was before, even the coffee cup from previous evening, except for the window. Not able to explain it I drove towards church thinking how to approach Father John in helping with my thesis.

As soon as I entered the church, I felt a warmth seep through me and all the anxieties were gone. I saw a parish at the far end and approached to ask for Father John.

“Excuse me, I am looking for Father John.”

“You must be Solange Wilson?, I am John”

“Hello Father”

“Dr. Mac told me you will be here today.”

“Thank you so much for giving me some time. I appreciate it”

“No problem dear, anything for an old friend”

I smiled but was confused; Father John looked like he was in his eighties and calling Dr. Mac his old friend felt odd. Professor hardly looked a day over thirty.

“You know Dr. Mac from long time?”

“Yes, we go way back when I was a young lad starting my journey in the path of god”

“Are we talking about same Dr. Mac?” I asked completely stunned.

“Ofcourse” Father John said.


“Oh I should first ask you, how much do you know about angels before we go into the details which you are seeking.” Father John said interrupting my question about Dr. Mac.

Not knowing what to do, I explained my thesis work and the knowledge I had so far about angels.

“You should not believe everything that is written, but try to understand why it was written that way and it will give you an insight into what you are seeking. Anything you may know about Angels is not exactly like that, similar but not the way depicted in any books published across the world. There is a reason why such scriptures exist.”

“You mean to say all the books I have gone through, the entire internet search was waste of time?”

“Not all of it, but partial of it is true. It was written to save all mankind. I can point in the direction to look for but can’t help you much because it is not my secret to reveal.”


“Michael, you professor I mean would have been best source to obtain the information you need.”

“If Dr. Mac could help me with my research; I don’t understand why he sent me to you?”

“He is on a mission and needs to complete it as soon as possible before a catastrophe strikes.”

“What mission?”

“You will know all in good time. I can just point you to right person to answer your questions, but please do know the consequences of your research before you decide to publish.”

“Ok” I said not knowing what to do or say.

“You should meet Mr. Duncan. He will help with your thesis research. I have written down his number for you” he said handing me a paper consisting neatly written name of one Mr. Duncan and his telephone number,

After taking my leave, I walked back to my car frustrated for not getting any answers as I had hoped, but now my mind was so full of “Whys”. I called the number of Mr. Duncan, the phone rang several times but no one answered. With no hopes of meeting this contact I decided to drive to Shelter Cove so that I could reach before dark. The feeling of being followed and watched from distance had been with me constantly since I had returned to city specially when I was alone and I didn’t wish to drive alone in the dark.


Somewhere above on the high-rise building near the Church:

 “The girl just walked out of the church and seems to be driving back to her place.” He sent the message before flexing his shoulder muscles so that his dark black wings were spread to their full wing span of 8 feet from one side to other before taking off upwards, invisible to all below.

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