Chapter 9


 The number given by Father John belonged to Ralf, how is that possible. How can he be the one to help me to learn about “Angelology”. He is just a rancher from south. While I was thinking about why Ralf, I heard my phone ring and I picked it up without looking at the number.


“Angel, did you just call me?” Ralf said on the other side.

Then I see him walk into the living room holding his phone to his ear and look at me questioningly.

Not knowing what to say, I told him about my visit to Father John and how I got the number.

“Probably, he wrote the number wrong. I will check back with him.” I said

“Are you talking about Father John, who is the congregator at the city church in San Francisco?” Ralf asked very seriously.

“Yes, the same, do you know him?”

“The same. Then there is no mistake. I have to go now.” Saying Ralf walked out so fast, I was standing their shocked if he was actually there talking to me few seconds ago.

“Angel, why did Ralf go so suddenly? He promised to stay for lunch.” Aunt said walking to where I was standing looking out the door at the tail gate lights of Ralf’s hummer.”

“Well, I guess he won’t be joining us.” I said trying to understand, what it was about Father John that made him dismayed. Fearing I will be meeting one more dead end in my research, I walked into kitchen to help my aunt.

After lunch, aunt and I decided to go in town to help Mrs. Patrick and Patricia for gathering on weekend. With only two more days left, the city hall was busy. As I entered the auditorium, Patricia was monitoring the arrangements.

“Hello Patricia, Need any help?”

“Angel, how are you? We all heard about the accident. Don’t you think you should be resting at home?” Patricia was firing questions looking over me to make sure I was alright.

I looked at aunt, scowling at her for having broadcasted the incident to all.  She looked at me sheepishly as if meaning to say “What can I do. It just happened.” Knowing very well I would not be able to stay mad at her for long, I turned to Patricia and said “I am ok. Nothing broken and I am fit as ever. Now tell me what I can do to help.”

“I am very glad to hear that. If you are feeling up to it can you please take care of flower arrangements and catering for the gathering?”

“Sure I would be glad to do it. Let me check with Gladis which flowers they will deliver for the day.” Saying I went to look for Gladis. Aunt Gretchen went to look for Martha and Mrs. Patrick.


“How could John have given my number to Solange without even consulting me?” This number was only given to human’s who were confidants and for extreme situations only.  Driving back to my house, I parked the car in garage and opened my senses to my surroundings. I could hear few commuters driving down the road and some kids running down towards the beach to cool off the heat. Slowly forming a shield to my transformation, I closed my eyes and willed my wings to open to their full span for 12 feet accommodating my six foot four height. Flexing my shoulders and wings, I flew straight out my garage door. After 15 minutes, I landed on top of the church. From my position I could see people walk in and out of the church. Transforming back, I landed silently on the side of the church and walked in to meet John.

As soon as I entered John’s office, he stood up from his chair and came forward to greet me. “It’s been very long time Ralf, since you visited this old friend. How are you?”

“Hello John, I am good. I am sorry to be dropping in unannounced on you.”

“Nothing to worry about, I am glad to see you.”

“John, I recently received a phone call from a girl and she told me you advised her to contact me. Is this correct?”

“Yes, Ms. Wilson. She was referred by Michael to me and before her arrival Michael stopped by and said I should give her your number. It was very important that I forward her to you and he didn’t want anybody else to know this.”

“Michael Aodh was here?” I asked. Nobody back home had heard from him for past twenty two years. It was like his existence was wiped out.

“Shush.. he said not to say his full name. It is not safe.”

“Don’t worry John, I have my shield up. Nobody knows I am even here. What else did he say? Is there any way to contact him?”

“Wait, he had given me his number and said it was only for emergencies.” Saying he started looking across all the papers on his desk. Finally finding the small business card, he gave it to me and said “The best place to keep anything secretive is in plain view. Because that’s the only place nobody looks at.” John said smiling.

               Business Card:

                       Dr. Mac Hado, Ph.D

                      San Francisco State University


Looking at card, I sent out a call to Michael telepathically, but he didn’t reply, so I picked up my phone and called the number. All I got was voicemail. Frustrated I cut the call and decided to try again later. Saying thanks to John I walked out the church.

As I was standing in the parking outside the church, I felt the shift in energy. It was a day old and had the same molecular structure which I had felt in the woods near my house. It gave me a sense of foreboding. The attack on Angel was not random; somebody had followed her from this church and compelled her to jump of the cliff. If I was not there, nobody would have even found her body. My entire body felt numb to even think of it, even after knowing she was alright and at home. I just had this sense of urgency to make sure she was ok and took off immediately.

Reaching Cove, I changed into fresh set of clothes and drove towards the town. I had called Gretchen’s house immediately after my arrival, but no one answered and Angel’s mobile was unreachable. As I reached the town, I could feel the shift in energy and the presence of a black-one. Wanting to be close to her in case she needed me, I drove as fast as I could and called Martha to check if Gretchen was with her quilt group.

“Hello Martha, this is Ralf”

“Hello, my boy. Where have you been? Haven’t seen you since yesterday morning?”

“Martha, I am sorry, it’s very urgent, is Gretchen with you?”

“Yes, she is, one minute; let me call her to phone.”

I could hear Martha call Gretchen and tell her I was looking for her. After few seconds Gretchen answered “Ralf is everything alright? Something doesn’t feel right to me.”

“You are correct Gretchen, it’s not good. I can sense the black-one in town and it is the same energy shift which I felt in the woods and at the church in city where Angel had gone yesterday to meet Father John.”

“You better reach her, before the black-one does. I have cast a protection spell on her in morning after our talk, but I am not sure how well it will hold.”

Someone Standing at the Corner of Street:

For first time in my life, my compulsion didn’t work. The girl’s will power is very strong but I was able to compel her to jump the cliff, but I couldn’t even sense her presence today. She seems to have some kind protection spell. If I had not seen her walking with the other lady into the town hall, I would have had to postpone my plans for her and it would have upset the master very much. I need to complete this mission for master, else face his wrath.

I had to execute a new plan and for it I needed get close to the girl. Looking through the mirrors of the auditorium I could see tall blonde girl standing with her and I could see my plan working. Calling in dark source, I compelled the blond girl to introduce me to her. Walking into the hall dressed immaculately as the human’s do to impress, I walked up to the blond girl and said “Hello dear, why you don’t introduce me to your beautiful friend here.”

“Hello Victor, this is Solange, Solange this is Victor.”

“Hello, how do you do?” she said in her siren voice.

“I am good. How are you?” as I stretched my hand to shake with hers, in walked him. The guy from yesterday and took the girl’s hands in his and took her to the far corner of the room. He was not human, I could sense that, but his shield was very powerful and I couldn’t reach through to find who or what he was. Deciding the best for me to do would be to wait it out, I walked towards the windows looking out and forming a plan to get the girl away from all present here.


As I walked into the city hall, the presence of black-one become very apparent and the fear of what might happen to Angel had been running towards the auditorium. As soon as I entered auditorium, I could see a guy extending his hand to Angel and then I saw his face. Immediately reaching her, I placed my hands in hers and an electric jolt felt through my whole body. Controlling myself and my overwhelmed emotions I pulled her away from the well dressed guy, acting I needed something important to tell her.

“Ralf, that was rude of you to pull me when I was making a new acquaintance.”

“Oh, I am sorry; it’s just that I needed to tell you something right now.”

“What is it?” She didn’t believe me, but went along and asked.

“I am ready to help you with your project.”

“That’s marvelous. Thank you so much. But do not get offended, do you even know what it is I am working on my thesis.”

“Well, yes to a certain extent. Gretchen told me.”

“Aunt.” I should have known that she would do something like that. I am just glad she didn’t show you my pictures when I was young.

Grinning I said “Actually she did and you were very adorable in all of them even the one where you dressed as a pumpkin for Halloween.”

She was embarrassed and turned to walk away. Fearing she will go back to him I apologized and asked her to join me for dinner. Looking at me from top to bottom, she put her finger next to her lip thinking and said “I will think about it.” I was so dumbstruck, took me few seconds to recover myself and in that time she had started walking to small woman holding samples for flowers and a vase. She kept looking back at me all the time talking animatedly to the woman.

Gretchen walked in and came straight to me with her looks enquiring if everything was alright. Signaling her to walk with me I walked towards the small water fountain set up at center of room to conceal our conversation.

“What happened here Ralf?”

“The guy there in blue suit is a black-one. He is trying to camouflage himself, but it’s very visible to me. If he had shook his hand with Angel, your protection spell would have broken. Luckily I was here in time.”

“I don’t like this Ralf, it’s the second attempt on Angel. We need to do something right now.”

“Gretchen I know that, but we cannot let him know about us. He has not been able to sense our powers and it could work in our advantage.”

“You are right. I am going to stay with Angel till we leave this place.”

“Ok. I will have to contact my brother Gab and discuss it. Just call if you need me. I will be right outside and keeping you both in my sight all time.” Saying I walked out to balcony attached to the auditorium and sent a signal to Gab.

“Brother, are you there?”

“Yes Ralf, right here.” He answered after a fraction of second.

“Did you find out why the black-ones’ are out in human world?”

“They are looking for somebody, who is said to be the key to free them from the fallen existence.”

“That’s a good start, but did you get any news why my Angel is targeted?”

“None, yet brother. Is she alright?”

“Apart from the attack yesterday, nothing yet, but I have black-one here, who has gone to extreme length to disguise as a human to talk to Angel. It doesn’t bode well.”

“Stay on his target. I will send in cavalry to help with it.”

“Thank you.” Saying I disconnected link and walked in to find Angel walking towards me.

“Ralf, can we take a rain check for today’s dinner?”

“Not knowing why, I said ok” just to keep her from not suspecting my disappointment.

“Ok. We can do on Sunday. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me.” I said enthusiastically.

“And I also need to discuss my thesis with you, so it would good opportunity for that.”

“Ok. Angel do you and Gretchen need drive home?”

“Oh no no, I forgot to tell aunt, I will be staying the night at Patricia’s. Can you please drive her back?”

“Angel, maybe it’s not good idea to stay out.”

“Ralf I am not a small kid and I don’t think you have any right to tell me what to do and not to.” Saying in anger she walked to Patricia who was standing arm in arm with the guy in blue suit before I could explain myself.

I knew I had made a grave mistake by telling her what to do or not to. Solange is a strong woman and wouldn’t take dominance without fight. She would want equality with her partner and that’s what I would give her, but before that I needed to protect her from her own foolishness by walking into a trap set up for her.

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