Mystic Verses | Your Love

Hey all,

All these days away from my passion “writing” has pushed me from being in touch with heart.

But an experience made me realize, I needed this outlet to keep me stable and this belief I have in love, pushes me to put words to my feelings. So here comes my latest addition to mystic verses “Your Love

Your Love

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Who I Love?

Life was moving along at slow pace,

Until, the breeze pushed my hair,

Away, breaking me free from my seclusion,

But you were not around, and I still knew love,

You are the one, I love, who I love


My dreams were filled with dark haze,

Until, your presence seeped into my bones,

Clearing, the darkness of my nightmares,

But you were missing in reality, and I still knew love,

You are the one, I love, who I love Who I Love


My hopes were slowly fading me away,

Until, you stumbled along my way,

Tripping on my toes, smiling up to me,

Raising your arms, to pull me in your arms,

Boy, I never knew it to be you, who I love

Oh ya, you’re the one I love, I know,

Who I love

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Mystic Verses | Believe

Hey all,

There comes a time in our lifetime, when we would do everything in our power to not give up on the one who means the life, and wish they would just “Believe”,  and not give up.

Life is too short to give up and regret, so don’t give up, but take a moment to “Believe” and accept them for who they are… is all what new “Mystic Verse” is all about 😀

Cheers & Enjoy

Shilpa Believe




P.S: I don’t hold the rights to the image

Mystic Verses | Forget About Us

In life, we meet people who are part of our life irrespective, if they are in it now or not…

The memories that we have of them sometimes haunts us , but also brings a smile to our face, when the wonderful moments bring elation to our heart…


This is what my new poem “Forget About Us”  talks about…

Cheers Lonely Angel

Ranch of Dreams | Chapter 13 – And cat’s out the bag


oh oh I see some grumpy faces, sorry guys have been driving down more than 2000 kms back and forth n top of that client meetings. Well what can a girl do, but put aside her novel…. Work kills it right? 😉

Nah, all excuses aside, I took time out because I really needed break from mundane life and get back to my solace, so here comes theChapter 13 of Ranch of Dreams.

Enjoy ^_^