Round & Round

Hey baby, hold my hand

For I can’t be away from you

You are the like the sunshine after rain


Come close take me in your arms

For the distance brings tears

You are the star in my eyes


Hug me tight with all your might

For you are mine for now and ever

You are the light to my darkness


I say yes and walk to you

With open arms, heart and soul

But you shut me down,Pushing me away


Calling me back, holding down

Your wild face, with intense eyes,

Staring me down, spinning my head


Wish you would, make up your mind

And not push me around

Like a merry go round forever


For I wish to stay, but I cannot be

Spinning around, round, round

If I should say yes, if I should say no


Hold on to my feelings, for we are one

But my tears streaming down, dry up

In eyes, devoid of dreams of us

P.S: I don’t hold rights to the images above

Mystic Verses | Awake


Sometimes, did you ever feel as if you came crashing down just because someone let you down. Well it’s time to wake up and make your own way; and this  is what it is all about “Awake“, a new verse under Mystic Verses

Enjoy 😀Awake



P.S. I don’t hold the rights of the image

Mystic Verses | These feelings

Mystic Verses | These feelings

I know I know, I have been absent from my blog for way longer than I would have liked, but hopefully this will not be my failed attempt to continue my posts and find time of the schedule for something I absolutely love.

So here, I making a come back with my “40th” mystic verse “These Feelings“.

Enjoy 😀

Mystic Verses | Kiss me like that

Hey all,

Its been two years on WordPress…time flies.

A dedication to all my fellow bloggers and friends. A wonderful feeling when someone special “Kiss me like that

I hope all of you remember special someone who may have unwound those special feelings for first time!


kiss me

PS: I don’t hold copyright of the image