My Angel Eyes | Chapter 40 (Final Chapter)

Hey all

Here comes the long-awaited climax to my novel “My Angel Eyes”. I would be lying if I say if I didn’t tell you all that I did struggle with this chapter.

This novel is very dear to me, for it give become my lifeline during very trouble time in my life. I would start writing to run away from the pain I felt. It gave me safe haven and solace and to see it come to end is hurtful, but as they we have to move on in life.

So I am putting an end to this, but with plans to continue my journey with the guardians in near future. Hope you will come back to read further novels of guardians.

So here is “Chapter 40” Enjoy ^_^

My Angel Eyes | Chapter 37

Hi there, I know its been very long wait. It just so happens that I am lost as to how I should take story forward, should make it a happy ending, or tragedy or have a totally unexpected twist to it.

So I am going with my gut here and wrote this “chapter 37“, hope you will like it and do feel free to let me know which direction it should go :P….all suggestions are welcome!

My Angel Eyes | Chapter 36

Hi There,

I know it’s a long gap between the previous and the new chapter, but I wanted to make it interesting. Now you need to be judge if this chapter is as you had anticipated or did it surprise you?

Let me know, love to hear from all my readers 🙂

My Angel Eyes latest update Chapter 36

My Angel Eyes | Chapter 35

Hi There,

Things are slowing up a bit at work front (looks like, boss finally got my message :D). So here comes “Chapter 35” of my novel “My Angel Eyes”.

Well Solange’s powers are returning back slowly and hopefully she will be able to find a way to lock Lucifer and free her parents… wish to find what happens, check out the chapter 😛

Please feel free leave your comments. Enjoy ^_^

My Angel Eyes | Chapter 34

Hi All,

Thanks for reading my novel “My Angel Eyes”. Here is the new “chapter 34“.

So did Ralf raise his hand on Uriel?

Did Ralf punish Uriel for threatening his soul-mate or how did the events turn out?

Well if you want to know, you got read this chapter….

Enjoy and let me what you think 😛