Virtual Voyage

We have 365 days a year (not counting the leap year for ease to make my point!) and out of this 365 we work approximately 260 days and slog in front of our systems to finish the testing of 20,000 or more of lines program code trying the fix the error on 14,786th line or possibly talking to the off shore client who needs you to sacrifice your after hours just to make it convenient for him to work according his office time at the client location or several more jobs (as per your job profile).
Now what happens to rest of the 105 days?

Well if you are single then possibly you are wasting it away either sleeping or gulping down the booze like there is no tomorrow (serious hangover to handle next morning) or possibly visiting family or friends ( hey come on its Thanksgiving  night you can’t ditch family) or simply lazing it out in front of the idiot box and if you are married and have kids (kids need all the attention at least on weekends and not the crowded day care – hands down no contest there) well there you go you are working away from your office space.. your homework!!!!!

What I fail to understand is why are we moving along this fast pace with not a second to spare, to just stop and look around and see (enjoying is a long way ahead) the beauty of our world which is taken for granted?

I know it is very much understandable that one needs to work to live comfortably and enjoy the fruits of our labor(Pathetic phrase ya,I know…).

But are we really enjoying our life or worried about the days passing by with the fear that you have not met the deadline yet for the project?

All the slogging hours at the office, what did we get, well a house to live in, a car to travel(many other gadgets oh yes the wonderful electronic gadgets which have turned the weekend also to work day and house to workplace – yep Work From Home!) and many comforts. Alright, agree with it all but us the humans are so lucky to be on the beautiful planet and just don’t have enough time to see its wonders….

You might ask what is the point of all this calculation and schmooze, well my work has taken so much of time, and one day I realized I couldn’t think place to visit  and unwind(I mean natural wonders, not pubs for night out which are now at almost every street corner or spas’ with fake nature themes – Gosh how much they charge!).

And if I decided to travel around the world to relax and admire the marvels then I would have to give up my career (my source of income ..kidding right…) and which is an utter impossibility.

So I decided to under take a journey around the world “VIRTUALLY” to be charmed by what it has to offer.

I hope you enjoy my posts and accompany me in my journey – ‘Bon Voyage’

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