Trip 2 – Diamond Head Crater

Finally today my virtual voyage starts after the wonderful memories of my last trip to Yosemite National Park.
Diamond Head Crater – Hawaii, USA
The place which has always been associated with fun and romance – Hawaii my next destination.
Aloha Hawaii here I come :P. This particular state is made entirely of islands and is probably hidden treasure which needs many days at a time to explore its natural beauty, green mountains, beautiful landscapes and to learn wonderful hula dance. (Oh I remember something wild we did, I guess my dear friends know when I refer to Hula dance, right Sudha darling 😛 :P. Do you still have it? )
The most intriguing place I wish to check out in Hawaii is the Diamond Head Crater (No girl can pass the mention of diamonds).  This volcanic crater is 750ft in height and 3500ft in diameter and dominates the entire city of Waikiki. This volcano is said to be extinct for 150,000 years and was formed 200,000 years ago. It was named “Laeahi” meaning “Brow of Tuna” due to the shape of rim seen from the silhouette by the ancient Hawaiians. It was called as the Diamond Head Crater by British sailors in 19th century, who mistook calcite crystals embedded in the rock for diamonds (oh my! poor guys and I thought I can find a diamond for myself as no one gifts me L, hear it people here is one of the items from my birthday gift list hahahaha). A summit view trip is definitely needed to check out this crater. 
The volcanic tuff is a United States State Monument. It gives one a decent hike to the edge of craters rim (1.1km) to coastal artillery observation platform providing beautiful view of the island and the Pacific Ocean alike.

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