Trip 3 – Cave of Winds

I know everyone must be wondering if I stopped my journey at Hawaii. Nope I can assure you I haven’t finished my voyage yet so my trip continues, it just so happened I decided to make sure myself, that what everyone said about the Diamond Head Crater was true and in fact it is (So sad na). I couldn’t find a single diamond let alone a small one at that…so so disappointed (Now I have to wait till someone gives me.. damn). So moving on to check out yet another wonder of nature and decided to fly to Colorado!!
Cave of Winds – Colorado, USA
Hey gals don’t run of scared when I say caves with worry about winged creatures associated with caves – Bats…haha. Check it out, it is worth a visit.
Cave of the winds are said to be a hidden jewel situated on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado.  Cave of winds is a vast underground, limestone cave network of which around 195km of passages have been mapped.
In 1960s a new discovery was passageway was discovered and names “Spillway” which led to the realization that there was an enormous labyrinthine area to the west of caves.
The caves are full of extraordinary formations including diverse and beautiful mineral formations: helectite bushes, sawtooth flowstone, gypsum luster and rare crystalline speleotherms. The highest airflow measured at the entrance of cave was 120kph (catch me so that I don’t get blown away) before a revolving door was placed.
Early legends of the Jicarilla Apaches, tell of a cave where the Great Spirit of the Wind resided until in late 1800s two young brothers stumbled across the caves.

A story on “Great Spirit of the Wind” would have been more magical right?

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