Trip 4 – The Twelve Apostles

My virtual trip to Australia couldn’t have come at better time, the day they are battling with Zimbabwe in Ahmedabad, India I am out to explore its beauty and history.

The Twelve Apostles, Victorian Coast, Australia



The first place  on my list is the collection of limestone sea-stacks off the Victorian Coast. Originally these were known as “The Sow and her pigs”, but were later renamed as “The Twelve Apostles” in 1950s.

They are a spectacular sight from the cliff tops. The apostles were formed by erosion. The howling winds and high seas of the Southern Ocean are eating away the soft limestone walls and these stacks are remnants of land that has fallen into sea. In 2005, one of the stacks collapsed and rest of them are under threat themselves, so if you are in Victorian Coast make sure to check them out, as you never know when they will be under water.

I am not much of a diver, but it would really be one of most exciting experience, diving from top of these stacks, hopefully no rocks at the bottom else.. no need for me to say further what might happen 😀 😛 .

The spectacular view would be early morning sunrise and late sunset, when the proud apostles are standing greet the beginnings….

Ref: Wikipedia

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