Trip 7 – God’s Own Country

“God’s Own Country” – The first thing that comes to my mind is the advertisement by Kerala tourism, showcasing the colorful dressed elephants, vibrant dance forms, serene back waters, pristine white beaches, tea laden hill tops all beckoning to lay down everything and lie back to relax for eternity.

When I started my virtual voyage, I had hoped to check out places on regular basis. But I had miscalculated the
amount of time my work would take me away even from the simple pleasure of virtual visit to any location. So now I have finally decided to take at least 30 minutes of my week and continue my voyage and here is my latest trip to the
place which I plan to visit surely in near future.

Where to start, now that we here in Kerala?

Hmm, let’s start from the northern Kerala gem, Bekal. For an adventurer in me it is the wonderful place to check
out various forts and hike along the hills and run along the beaches. Then it is time to check out the spectacular Kambala, the water buffalo race(this I will have explore more and try it out before, but I am really ready to get
dirty and run behind the buffalos, nah may be next time). But there is no comparison to the show stopping Yakshgana (the musical drama based on mythology). As the drum beats starts, you heart beats to its rhythm

its slow and fast pace brining the excitement of the moment, transporting you to a world or mythical

 beings. After beautiful performance it’s time to relax on white sands and feel the breeze, a gift of nature!

Next time let’s explore the tea plantations and back waters, excited? Should be 😀

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