Trip 8 – Cruising in the backwaters

One place I can think of without the shackles of technology is the backwaters. Well the technology is become so advanced you are not totally disconnected but at least this place would ensure to enthrall you enough to keep those smart phones in
your pockets and laptops forgotten in the backpacks.

From Bekal I decided to check out the place which has been on my list for ever I could think of. Backwaters is not like the puddle we have in back yard when heavy rains lashes out, but rather these are lakes formed in land by the water carried in sea along the
beaches. These formed over many years into channels in the land connecting the sea.

So after lot of virtual browsing I decided on settle up on the kollam backwaters and here goes my virtual voyage in one of the luxurious boat houses. This holds one of oldest ports along the Malabar Coast and most importantly has cashew industries along its coastline. Do not mind checking out the actual cashew fruit 😀

The cruise from Kollam to Alappuzha is one of longest routes on backwaters which is delightful 8 hours ride with lot of natural scenes along to ride and loads of lotuses and water lilies growing in the water. It’s one of the routes where you can find otters splashing along the water.

First stop on the cruise, Ashtamudi Lake. It is supposedly the second largest and deepest lake in Kollam district. This wetland ecosystem gets its name due to its shape which is like an octopus with eight cones (Ashta=eight; mudi=coned) in Malayalam. This lake is the gateway to the backwaters of Kerala, hence my choice to start from here. The lake and its banks offer transport for state’s trade and commerce in cashew trading.



Cruising along let’s move onto Thangasseri Light House built in 1902 standing at the height of 144 ft. I have always been fascinated by Light houses, and had this childhood fantasy of a pirate coming for me, and  you never know maybe if I stay long enough I might see one ;p . On this note I rather wait here for sunset with cool breeze giving me company in my wait for that cunning, handsome pirate.

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