Trip 9 – Lavasa

Last time I took a trip, it was to the back waters of Kerala in the hope of finding the pirate who would sweep me of my feet…. Well it was wishful thinking no pirate came, but my trips got halted for so long, this time I decided to actually take a trip than a virtual one.

So when my dear friend Rash called for a trip to Lavasa to meet up with Dimps n Dev, well how I could I pass on this opportunity. That’s it on the day, Rash and his adorable son and I set off driving to the city of lake, Lavasa, which can you believe a stone throw away from where I live and I never bothered to explore. Well now am I going to full advantage to explore it 😛

The drive on the cloudy day, with slow drizzle giving us company we drove through the beautiful mountains with pit stops to eat delicious corn cobs being roasted on the road side. Finally we reached the gates of Lavasa, and how do we get welcomed?

In the most beautiful way possible. It was like we were entering heaven… the fog came down gliding along with us playing hide n seek, with beautiful scenic view across the entire drive to destination.

It had been more than five years since Dimps, Dev, Rash and I had met, but the minute we were all together, us girls were inseparable. Dev now married to Dimps darling has no choice but tolerate our antics (:P)…but he is darling friend to all. A trip well worth mentioning with memories for life!

No matter what we take for granted, friendship is gift we should cherish….

2 comments on “Trip 9 – Lavasa

  1. Such friendship is precious! I love the description of your journey and arrival in Lavasa.


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