McGrover’s Ranch

Sean walked into his father’s office to confront him but found it to be empty. Barbara walked in behind Sean with a stack of papers “Hello Sean, I didn’t know you were in here”. She said smiling up to Sean placing the papers on the desk.

“Barbara, where is pa?”

“He is in the stables, checking up on the new horse they just brought in.”

“Oh ok.” Walking out of the office Sean stopped at the door and turned back “Barbara is it true pa is selling the ranch?”

“Selling? He sold it. The deal was made final today early morning. The papers here need his signature so that I can send the deed to the buyer.”

“He sold it without telling Christopher or me?” said Sean shocked that his father would do such a thing without once checking up with Chris at least.

Needing to talk to him immediately Sean sprinted towards the stables.

New York City

As the cameras shuttered all over Rachael kept her agitation in check and smiled as was expected of every top model. Finishing her final photo shoot before her big break from the modeling world, she walked back to her car. Dialing her accountant’s number she checked her make up in the car’s mirror which had become second to her nature.

“Hello Roxy, anything on the deal? Please tell me you have good news?”

“The deal is final Rachael. The deed will be with us in two days.”

Rachael squealed with delight not able to contain her joy. “Oh that’s wonderful news in a long time.”

“Rachael, I can hear you are super excited, but can I ask you what the heck do you plan to do with a ranch?”

“I know your curiosity. What will a top ranking model want to do with a Ranch? That’s what you want say right?”

“Hmm, Yes”

“Well it has always been my dream and why do you think I became model?”


Smiling to herself Rachael answered Roxy “So that one day I can buy back my Ranch.”

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