Chapter 20


“This is insane Ralf. How is this even possible? There is no way one could  hear others thoughts.” I said panicked listening to Ralf.

“Angel, it may seem impossible to you because you have never experienced it before” Said Ralf trying to calm me.

“Impossible? This is crazy. I must be going crazy.”

“No you are not crazy. Your powers are unbinding.”

When I kept quite just looking at him, he pulled me to a bench and sat next me and said “See it is not unheard of what you are experiencing.”

“What do you mean?”

“You see, most of us can communicate long distances via telepathy.”

“You mean to say, you do not need phones, and use your mind to talk to each other.”

“Ya, something like that.” 

“It is so scary having someone just knowing what you are thinking and have them invade your private space.”

“Well not quite. You see, we can’t just free ride into someone’s mind unless they let us in. But when we do all we can do is pass on the message. We never know what the other person is thinking.”

“But it seems I get a free rein on everyone’s mind except yours and Evelyn’s.”

“What do you mean?” said Ralf stunned.

“Well, I don’t know how to talk to anybody telepathically. When I entered the room I thought all of them were talking to me at once, but then I noticed all people standing far away from me talking amongst them. When I looked at Evelyn, I couldn’t hear what she was thinking and neither you, but the minute we reached the table I heard Gwen swearing in her mind and trying to find a way to know who I was. Your sister thinking when she will get a chance to sneak out to meet someone called Collin and Gab wanting to take his Caity to a dark corner. I thought I was being stupid and imaginative until you walked away and their thoughts hit me full force especially when Gwen was intent on trying to find what I was to you?” I talked and talked not realizing few things I was saying. It just felt I needed to get this out else I would boil out.

Ralf was silent for so long I wished I could read his mind right at this moment. I had no idea what he was thinking. Did he think I was a freak?

“Ralf, I am not quite sure what I should think of my new found ability with other people, but I really wish I could read your mind now. You are freaking me out being silent.”

Ralf smiled and said “You do not want to be inside my head if you want to save some of your sanity. Come let’s find my mother and ask her what’s going on because I have never heard of anyone with your ability.”

We walked back in dining room to find everyone sitting for dinner. Ralf stayed with me all time and it helped me from focusing away from others thoughts. Dinner seemed like a grand affair. Apart from Ralf’s family I found many unknown faces at the table. I smiled politely at the ones who greeted me and had dinner. Once dinner was done Ralf walked me into an office. His father and mother were already in. I sat across from them on sofa. Ralf took a chair in between both sofas. We were silent for few minutes before Ralf informed his parents of our discussion and if they had heard about someone who had the same ability as me.

Evelyn and Cearul Armstrong were waiting silently for Ralf to finish and looked at each other before Cearul walked up to me and said Solange “Can you read my thoughts dear?”

“Yes. You are thinking of my father and angry at him for not coming to you in trouble.”

“Oh my” saying Cearul stood up and walked to the window in deep thought. Turning after few minutes he said “She is able to read my thoughts with so much clarity which I don’t have myself, but why is she not able to capture your both thoughts?”

“That is because, Evelyn is an oracle and no one can read them. Ralf being her son has inherited some of her abilities” Said a voice from the corner in the dark.

I strained to look who was speaking and then an imposing figure came into light.

 “Grandpa we did not know you were in office?” said Ralf walking towards the person who was very similar in appearance to both Ralf and Cearul, and looked almost the same age of Cearul. Until then I had not realized that both Ralf’s father and grandfather looked almost like twins and around the age of forty. It was bizarre. I stood up shell shocked and kept looking at all three of them thinking maybe my mind was playing games with me. I heard someone chuckle to realize it was the same person Ralf had called his grandfather. He smiled and said “Hello dear, it seems I still have heart breaking effect on young girls. It does boost a man’s ego.”

I blushed at his comment and Ralf introduced me to Conall Armstrong, his grandfather. Sitting down next to me he asked “How is it that a sweet girl like you got mixed up with this hooligan here?”

Smiling I said “Why do you think I am a sweet girl? I might be just be the hooligan.”

Laughing Conall slapped Ralf’s shoulder who was sitting next to him and said “I like this girl my boy. Do not make the mistake of letting her go.”

“Conall, we are just friends. There is nothing going on.” I said feeling uncomfortable at his suggestion of me meaning anything more than a girl in trouble to Ralf.

“Grandpa, don’t.”

“Do not tell me don’t, boy. Meet me later once Solange is settled for the night.” Said Conall

“Yes Sir.” Replying Ralf asked if he had heard of what I was going through.

Before Conall could say anything Evelyn spoke up “I knew one person who was able to hear others’ thoughts as you describe but I haven’t heard from her in two decades. She had gone with her warriors on a mission.”

“Who is it?” asked me and Ralf together.  

“She is the great Amazon warrior I have ever known. Her name is Savitha.” Said Evelyn

“Oh my god” was all I could say.

“Mother, are you talking about Savitha Abhaidev?”

“Yes, why do you ask Ralf?”

“She is Angel’s mother and Michael’s mate.”

“Well that explains her ability” said Conall

“How did you know my mother Evelyn?”

“Savitha and I have been friends since young. We used to train together until she was sent to master the ancient arts.”

I was amongst the people who knew both my parents well enough but I being their daughter didn’t know anything. I wanted to know my parents so asked Evelyn if she could tell me all about them.

“I will happy to tell you about your mother dear, but as for Michael Cearul is the right person.” Saying she looked at her husband.

Sitting next to me Cearul said “Angel, Michael’s daughter is just like my daughter. You can ask me anything you want to know and in return I would like you to stay with us here until both your parents return.”

“That is very kind of you, but I cannot stay. Ralf promised me he will take me to look for my mother in few days once he hears from my father and until then..”

“Until then Angel needs to be trained father. Michael said in few months all her powers will unbind and she needs to learn to control them.”

“Well in that case I will train you myself dear.” Said Cearul

“And I will train you to control your psychic ability.” Said Evelyn

“But I do not have any psychic ability Evelyn.”

“You see dear, you inherited your mother’s powers of telepathy then I am sure you will soon be learning of other abilities.”

I listened in silence fearing for what I will be facing soon and if I was capable enough to handle it. Conall asked Ralf to walk him out. Cearul and Evelyn invited me to join them in the family room. Evelyn walked towards a shelf and brought out a photo album. Sitting next to me she opened album to a photo of two young girls smiling holding something in their tiny hands. It was picture of pure innocence and fun.

“This was taken when we were ten and our master had given us our animal companions. I got an owl and Savitha had got a phoenix.”

“Why owl and phoenix?”  I asked

“It is not us who choose them, but the animals that choose us. Owl represents supernatural knowledge and divination. It taught me how to interpret when oracle takes form. The phoenix represents immortality and fierceness. Your mother was the best warrior anyone had ever seen. She never lost any battle since I have known her, in practice and on battlefield. Sometimes I used to worry if she would ever keep her innocent side but she did. Even with so many battles with black-ones’ she loved to play pranks or swim in that god forsaken cold lake on mount Aitna.”

“She sounds like a very interesting person.” I said

“Yes she is dear.”

“I only wish I had known her as you do Evelyn.”

“You will dear. Soon in near future you will be with her.”

“You really think so Evelyn?”

“Yes dear. I know so. Come now it’s late. Let me show you to your room.” Said Evelyn

“Angel you should get full rest, let’s start with basic training tomorrow.” Said Cearul

“Cearul, she reached only today. Give her a day or two to adjust.” Said Evelyn to Cearul

“Well dear you were the one who predicted that we have very less time and Angel needs to be ready before she travels back to earth.”

“Cearul, Evelyn I am so grateful to have met you. Cearul I will be ready for training tomorrow first think in the morning.”



When grandpa asked me to walk him out, I had no choice but to follow him. I didn’t wish to leave Angel alone, but grandpa sent me a message saying “Ralf walk with me. We need to talk. Angel will be fine with your mother and father.”

Walking out the room we took the passage towards the conference room.  Opening the door we entered and grandpa asked me to take a seat. Sitting opposite to me he looked for few seconds before finally saying “When are you going to tell Angel?”

“Tell her what?” I said praying he won’t bring up the subject I was not ready to face yet. 

“Do not play with me Ralf. Does she know that she is your mate?”

“No” I replied.

“Why haven’t you told her yet?”

“It never came up. She did not know about our world, living in human realm assuming she was human and then her entire life changed because Luther decides he wants her. Her entire life which was just her thesis and Aunt Gretchen changed in matter of a day and I don’t know how to tell her, she would soon be facing a war and I would die before anything happens to her.”

“Ralf, my boy I know. But she seems like a girl who is level headed and will understand. But if you try to underestimate her and keep it from her, you will regret it. Listen to the person with experience who had to face the wrath of your grandma and you know very well she is one mean gal when time calls for it.”

Assuring him I would talk to Angel soon, took leave and walked back to the room praying for a brighter future.

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