Chapter 14

As the dawn approached a bright glow shone across the Shelter Cove making its beautiful valley vibrant with colors of nature and bringing life to its sleepy habitants. The brightness was caused by the powers of all the angels’ descending upon Ralf’s ranch for the meet ushered by him, Gabriel and Michael who had been in hiding for about two decades. All Archanegls’ wondered what situation could have caused all of them to come together. This had happened only once before, many centuries ago but the meet was in Empyrean and it was called by Ralf’s great grandfather.

“Did Gabriel tell you why we had to meet here at such short notice?” asked Archangel Anitha to others who had just descended outside Ralf’s ranch.

“He said he had some critical information and that Michael had returned” Said Archangel Uriel, folding his fiery red wings. His appearance always ran chill down everyone’s spine. When his wings unfurled everyone closed their eyes for he was the fire of god and his wings blinded all those who sinned.

Along with Anitha and Uriel, rest of the four Archangels walked towards Ralf’s home. Ralf stood at the entrance waiting for their arrival.


 “Greetings, my dear friends. Thank you for coming on a short notice.” Ralf said walking up to Uriel to hug him.

“It has been very long my brother. How are you?” Uriel asked Ralf looking at him proudly.

 “I have been better Uriel. Please come in.” I said to Uriel and greeted others.

Everyone greeted Michael with great enthusiasm and worry about his absence. Brushing their concerns aside Michael showed them to the sitting room across my office. After everyone was seated, Gabriel informed all of the events of past two days without informing about Solange and her relation to Michael and me. He said the major concern for the meet was the presence of Bune in Cove at the same time I came. I looked at Gabriel trying to understand in which direction he was taking the meet, just then Anitha asked “I heard Bune was looking for some girl, who is said to be special because of her parentage. So did he find the girl?”

All three of us were shocked for we had not shared about the reason for Bune’s presence in Cove.

 “Where did you hear that, Anitha?” Michael asked standing up from his chair controlling his anger.

 “I have my people, you know that Michael. That’s why you had been called to assist in the operation years ago before your disappearance.”

“Yes, I remember that very well. For it was the cause of my disappearance.”

“Michael, it was just a sting operation. Nothing that should have caused you to go into hiding” Anitha said shifting in her chair uncomfortably praying her ruse would not be caught.

“It was not a sting operation. Well at least not until I reached your place. And I was not hiding. I just didn’t want to be found.” Michael said looking at me opening a communication channel between us.

 “Careful Michael, Anitha suspects we are hiding something and is trying to trap you.” I said.

“I am aware of that Ralf, but what I don’t understand is how does she know about Solange?”

 “The real question should be how much does she know about Solange.”

“Michael we are glad that you have decided to return and it is none of our business to find out why you broke all contact with all of us.” Uriel said trying to bring down the tension between Michael and Anitha

 “You are right Uriel, it is not your business and neither others and that includes you too Anitha.” Michael said.

Agreeing the event was of concern all present asked what has to be our next step. We informed them of Bune’s message and the information that Luther has been promised that he will be reinstated. “This promise cannot be made by any one in general. It has to be someone high up in power game, and he has hidden his tracks very well. But we need to flush this person out as soon as possible.” I said

 “Where is Bune now?” Anitha asked

 “A place where even Luther cannot save him” I said controlling my anger thinking how he had tried to take my beloved away from me. At this Anitha fell silent.

Just as we were about to proceed further with plan on how to find Luther, we felt a weak surge of energy and a petite lady stood at the entrance of the sitting room ready to knock on the door. Not to be fooled by her small stature we stood in attention to take offensive if necessary, when Anitha called from the back to the girl and said “Lena you are late. You should have been here half hour ago.”

Whimpering with fear the girl Lena, took a parchment from her sling bag and gave it to Anitha stealing a glance at the room.

“Anitha, I had made it clear this meet was for only Archangels and no one else was to be told about it” Said Gabriel from across the room.

Dismissing the girl Anitha looked at Gab and said “A girl has her needs and for some of them she needs her servants Gab.” Walking back to her chair she said “So shall we proceed further.”

Before I could say anything further Michael stood up and said “All my fellow Archangels, as of now we suspect there is someone in council who is helping Luther. Before we can think of Luther, this mole needs to be found. I hope you all will agree with me.”

Once everyone present conceded to this, Michael thanked all present for coming to the meet with promise to inform them what will be the further action soon. He sent a silent message to me, Gabriel and Uriel that we would be meeting again in the same room after all Archangels had left. He informed Uriel to keep his stay a secret from others.

Slowly one by one all Archangels shifted and returned to their adobe. Their arrival had created a surge of energy equivalent to the bomb which could have ignited an entire South American continent within a flash of few seconds. Once everyone left the power slowly stabilized and as the remnants of magic was receding Gretchen walked into the office followed by Solange who looked pale from the lack of sleep and burden of finding her entire life as she knew to be nothing but façade in which she is yet to learn her role.

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